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Chresanto's POV

I was so turned on right now. The whole car ride to the hotel suit Jacob wouldn't be quiet. He kept talking about how he wanted to jerk me off, suck me hard, and play with the zilla.

"Papi stop talking and fuck me!" I growled. He just chuckled lowly.

"Oh Chres baby, I'm not going to fuck you but love you roughly." He said crawling onto my lap straddling me.

He slowly started to grind Mr.fernando against my throbbing member. Than smashing his lips to mines slipping his tongue in sucking softly on mines.

"Mmm Papi strip me." I moaned in his mouth, holding onto his a** cheeks.

"Ok baby." He moaned.

He kissed down my neck unbuttoning my shirt. Once he got it off he quickly moved to my pants unbuckling them sliding them off me, letting Roczilla spring up. Now I was left in my boxers, while Jacob still had his dress pants on.

"Now let me undress you daddy." I said huskily, sliding my hands down his chest towards his pants.

I unbuckled them slowly sliding them down his toned thighs. I slid my tongue up his leg, sucking on his skin. I slid up his body straddling him now.

"You are so sexy daddy." I purred in his ear, feeling his chest.

"Mmm and your a naughty little boy Chres." He said bitting his lower lip.

I climbed off his lap, walking over to the champagne and chocolate covers strawberries. I grabbed them walking back over to Jacob.

"Lay back daddy." I cooed putting my hand on his chest.

I grabbed the champagne bottle popping it open. Than I pored some of it onto Jacobs body, licking and sucking it off. I licked the drink of his stomach, sliding my tongue up his body towards his chest. I slid my tongue over his hard nipple, sucking and licking around it.

"Fuck, Chres baby that feels good." He groaned pulling on my short curls.

I bit down softly than licking it to make the pain go away. I roughly grounded my hips against his increasing the throbbing in my pants.

"Oohh baby." I moaned, grinding harder.

He flipped me over slipping his hands in my boxers and grabbing my rock hard member. He moved his thumb over the tip of my member, and slowly started pump, jerking me off.

"Go faster papi." I moaned fucking his hand.

He took his and my boxers off pressing both of our members onto each other grinding them together.

"Oohh shit Jacob." I moaned as I grabbed his a** cheeks pressing him harder on my body.

"You like it papi?" he asked thrusting his hips against mines.

"Yes baby I like it." I moaned.

His body moving against mines felt sooo good. The way his d***k moved against mines, making the tensions rise made me so horny.

"Please fuck me daddy." I moaned grinding with him. I brought his neck down to my lips licking and sucking on it leaving a hickey.

"Mmm baby, why you leavin hickeys?" He asked moaning.

"Because I want everybody to know that your my daddy and no body else's." I said kissing him on his lips, slipping my tongue in his mouth. I combed my fingers through his hair pulling on it roughly.

"Damn your bad." He moaned trailing his hands on my body.

"I can be badder." I said seductively flipping us over, and sliding down his body.

"Than show daddy how bad you want my d***k and suck it for me." He growled.

I did as told, and licked the tip of his member watching as he groaned and closed his eyes. I took him half way in my mouth rolling my tongue around him sucking softly.

Jacob's POV

"Papi suck harder!" I moaned, pushing his head down, making him take me whole.

I thrusted my hips into his warm mouth, loving how he felt around me. He sucked harder sliding his tongue over my tip constantly making my eyes roll. His hands wrapped around me sucking and jerking me off.

"Babbbyyy." I moaned taking in all the pleasure he was giving to me.
I felt the tensions build in my stomach.

"Cum for me daddy." He moaned, making his mouth vibrate against me.

"Oohhh papi...yessss." I moaned as I came in his mouth. My legs felt weak, as he licked me clean.

"Mmm daddy, you taste good." He whispered against my skin as he slid up my body.

He looked at me than my lips and leaned down taking my bottom lip into his mouth. He suck and tugged on it making me moan. I held onto the back of his neck pressing his lips harder against mines. His tongue slipped into my mouth exploring me, while I tasted my cum in his mouth. I moaned...it didn't taste bad, but I would prefer his more.

"Mmm Papi I love you." I hummed into his mouth.

"I love you to daddy...but I hope you didn't think we where finish." He said kissing down my neck, rubbing on my inner thighs.

"But bab-" I was cut off by Chres smashing his lips on mines.........
Anybody wanna Part.2??....I mean I'm not finish sooo....Let me know.😏😜💖


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