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Jacob's POV *Week later*

"What type of theme should we have?" I asked bubbly. "It could be really romantic, yet have a fun vibe to it." I said smiling.

"We should go with that." Chres said smiling. "Than the colors should be a...candy apple, ocean blue, and a cream color."

Chres and I had been sitting in our bedroom for 1 hour now, figuring out who and what we wanted at our wedding. I was almost done with the V.I.P. list. These where some of the people who were on here....

**V.I.P. people**


•Ananda & bryan breeding

•Querhea & Jacob Latimore

•LaNae & Star


•Kat & Lolo

•Shadae Phillips & Teela Bounds

•Kindaal & Jordan

•Celynn & Moriah

• Jaylin & Babydoll

•Beauty & Raginea

•Mrs & Mr. August

•Grandma & Grandpa August & Perez

I was so excited, some of my family members were on there, I just didn't feel like writing it down. I bet my mommy was looking down on me right now, smiling big as ever.

"Baby?..babe..BABE." Chres said snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Yes Papi." I answered looking at him.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Nothing. I'm just thinking about the wedding, and how fun and exciting its going to be." I said cheesing.

"You know I love you so much baby, right?" he asked.

I smiled big, nodding my head.

"I know babe, and I love you to." I said wrapping my arms around his neck, bringing him closer to me.

He pulled away just a little bit, so than our lips were brushing each others. I REALLY liked when he told me he loved me. It just gave me so much confident a and assurance that he wasn't going to leave me, for some broad.

"I think we should take a break, and come back to this later." He said grabbing my hand, leading us to the bathroom.

"Why are we going to the bathroom?" I asked.

"I wanna take a bath with you, and hold you to me." He mumbled into my neck.

"Ok." I said lowly, smiling and feeling butterflies in my stomach.

Chres ran the bath water, pouring a cinnamon roll body wash or whatever type of soap, and had bubbles forming in the tub. Once he turned the water off, he started to strip me out of my clothes. His hands brushing softly over my skin. I was fully naked, and waited for Chres to strip from his clothes. When he was done he grabbed my hand pulling me into the hot warm water, with him.

I laid against his chest, while he massaged my shoulders, taking away all the stress. He planted small soft kisses on my neck, and whispered sweet things to me.

"Relax your mind for me baby." He whispered in my ear kissing below it.

"Mmhhmm." I hummed, closing my eyes.

Hours Later......

"This taste soooo good." I said sitting on the couch with Chres eating pineapple & pepperoni pizza.

"It is." Chres said taking another bit.

We sat in the living room, watching re-runs of the Proud Family. I loved this show so much, I don't know why they ever thought about taking it off air.

Once we finish eating our pizza, me and Chres cuddled up together. We laid on the couch, Chres behind me, and me in front of him, with his arms wrapped around me.

I felt his hands crawl over my hip, laying on my stomach. He wiggled his fingers in my side making me laugh and giggle.

"Baby stoop!" I yelled, laughing harder.

"I wanna see my baby smile." he said with a smirk, now hovering over me, using both hands.

"Ok ok.....I can't breath....hahahahaha...babe!" I laughed outta breath.

"Ok, ok, we cool." He said chuckling.

He unwrapped his arms from around me, dropping me on the floor.

"Babe!" I yelled, narrowing my eyes at him.

"My bad." He said smirking at me.

I just smiled right back. I grabbed the water bottle, opening it than pouring all of it on his head and down his body.

"Fuck baby!" He yelled in disbelief.

I dashed upstairs towards our room and into the closet. I held my breath, trying to suppress my laughter.

"Come out babe, I just want to play with you." He cooed creepily.

I held my hand over my mouth tighter, trying not to laugh. This man was loco. I looked through the peep hole, to see his figure coming towards the closet. I moved backed some more, over into the dark corner.

"Are you in here baby?" He asked looking left in right, his eyes narrowing in on me as if he saw me clear as daylight.

He shrugged his shoulders, closing the closet door.

Chresanto's POV

I knew he was in the closet, so I walked back to the door and closing it, but I didn't leave. The lights were off, and the door was locked and shut. Jacob snuck out of the closet and tried going for the door, but I quickly grabbed him by the waist. I flicked the light back on, and slammed him on the bed, pressing my wet body up against his.

"Babe!" He screeched, trying to push my wet body off of him.

"Yes pumpkin." I cooed mockingly, with a smirk.

"Get off me! your wet!" He yelled out, shoving my shoulders.

"It's your fault. Your the one, who decided to throw water on me." I said snuggling my face in the crook of his neck.

"Babbeee!" He whined.

"Please, your so warm." I said snuggling further into him.

"Fine. Just take your wet clothes off, and I'll snuggle up with you." He said giving up.

"Ok." I said getting off of him, and stripping out of my wet shirt and jeans.

We both got into the bed and I moved into his side, snuggling into his warm skin. I can't believe he's going to be mines forever. We get to spend sweet moments like this, wrapped in each other's arms.


I know I'm screwed for updating this sooooooo late, but I wanted to make as long as I could for you guys. So I'm so so so so so sooooooo sorry. I hope you guys forgive me. 😁😣

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