Meet My Parents Part.1 [EDITED]

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ღ:* 2 months laterღ:*

Jacob's POV

"Don't you think it's a little to early for me to be meeting your parents, let alone your whole family." I protested. We where now on our way to Chresanto's parents house, and I was freaking out.

I mean what if they don't like me? What if there disgusted of me? What if they thought I wasn't good enough for Chres, and banded me from seeing him? What if they talked about me and called me out of my name?

"Baby calm down, ok. I promise they'll love, because I do. If they say anything bad about you and don't like you...oh fucking well, because baby your not here to impress any damn body but yourself. Remember that, and regardless of what my parents think, I'll always love you." He said, rubbing soothing circles on my knuckles that I was constantly clenching and unclenching.

"Thank you baby." I said kissing his cheek sweetly.

I don't know but, the way Chres has been treating me has given me thoughts about giving myself to him. He treats me so special, and I just want to show him how much I love him, and appreciate the way he treats me.

Author's POV (Meeee!!!! ^_^*)

After several hours of on going driving, they finally arrived to Chresanto's parents house. Jacob looked around at the beautiful property, and the home. Everything was so expensive looking, and the house was huge, like a mansion.

It was a dark chocolate color, build with mainly bricks. They had a beautiful fountain standing in the center of the drive way, flowing with crisp clean water. The grass was a gorgeous green, like you would see in fields, while different types of flower lined up against the front of the house or around the gates.

"Wow, this is so beautiful." Jacob comment mesmerized.

"We can always buy a house like this in the future, if you want one." Chresanto insisted, as they walked up to the front porch.

Chresanto knocked on the door, to be greeted by a beautiful light short skinned women, with short dark brown hair. His mother squealed in delight when she saw her son. She hadn't seem him for a while now, and it just overwhelmed her to see her baby all grown up.

Chresanto's POV

"Oh my god baby, it's been so long since I've seen you." My mom squealed, as her small form hugged my big one.

She kissed my cheek lightly, while I mimicked her action afterwards. I looked over to Jacob seeing he looked really nervous and discomforting. So I wrapped my arm around his waist kissing his cheek. My mom looked at the both of us smiling brightly at Jacob.

"Mom this is Jacob, my boyfriend. Jacob, this is my mother Stacy." I said introducing the two.

"Nice to finally meet you honey. Chresanto has told me so much about you, it's just amazing." My mother squeal once more, making Jacob blush.

"Really?" He asked, looking up at me.

I smiled. "Of course I speak a lot about you to my mother. I love you so much, I want her to know who has my heart." I told him, giving him a long sweet peak to the lips.

"Awww! You guys are just the cutest couple ever." My mom said cheerfully.

She took both me and Jacobs hand, dragging us into the back yard where the rest of my family where. I looked around at some of the people who where here. Uncle Rick was here with his wife Amy, my other uncle Derek was here with his girlfriend Mandy, and so on. Most of my family was here chatting with one another having fun. While some of my big cousins and little one, either ran around or talked.

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