Will You Marry Me?

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Jacob's POV

"Baby stoopp." I giggled.

Chres wasn't listening, and I didn't care because I liked it. His sweet lips kissed me from my cheek, down to the skin on my neck and my stomach.

"I love you Papi." He whispered in the crook of my neck.

"I love you to daddy." I replied back.

I turned over on my side so we were face to face. I would love to wake up to him every morning. He looked so handsome and cute. I would so love to have babies with him.

"Jacob?" He called me, snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Yeah." I answered.

"What would you say if I asked you to marry me?" He asked me.

Well that's an easy question. I'd say yes and not think twice about it because I love this man. He saved me and thought me how a man is really suppose to love you.

"I'd say yes because I love you sooo much." I said kissing him deeply.


"Who's that babe?" I asked.

"That's our breakfast. I ordered room service while you were sleep so when you woke up breakfast would be here." He told me.

"Ok. I'll just go wash my face and stuff while you get the food." I said getting up out the comfy bed.

"Ok baby, you go do that." He said walking towards the living room.

Chresanto's POV

I had a huge surprise for Jacob when he ate his breakfast. I was going to pop the question to him. I love him so much, and the love we explored last night made me realize that I love him more than my life. He just the most sweetest person you could ever meet.

I grabbed the carton from the servant, closing the door. But not before I gave him a tip and a thank you. I sat the food up placing the ring in the middle of the strawberry muffin, like some store bought stores do to cupcakes.

"Mmmm, that smells soo good." Jacob groaned, sitting next to me.

"Well come on and let's eat than baby, because I'm starving." I said grabbing a plate.

"You don't have to tell me twice." he said grabbing a plate and digging into his breakfast food.

"Oh my god Chres I love you!" He moaned while chewing his food.

"Oh really." I said chuckling to myself.

"Yes! This breakfast food is sooo good." He hummed greedily.

"I'm glade you like it." I said chewing on my own food.

Couple of minutes later....

"Ooo what's in there?" Jacob said pointing towards the covered plate.

I pulled the cover off and grabbed the strawberry muffin, stepping down on one knee. I took a deep breath and looked up towards Jacob's beautiful face.

"Jacob....I love you so much...I love you more than I love life. You mean so much to me. Your beautiful, thoughtful, caring, loving, and so much fun to be around. I wanna spend the other half of my life with you, because I trust you with it. I wanna wake up to you every morning, just to see that gorgeous breath taking smile. Making love to you was one of the most best experiences in my life, and it made me realize how much I love and adore you. Jacob Perez, I want to marry you and make you mines forever. No one can make me feel so warm hearted when it comes to you, because I'm only made for one person....and that's you. Will you marry me?" I asked hopefully taking a deep breath.

Jacob had a bright smile planted on his face. His gorgeous straight white teeth glowing, and tears sliding down his cheeks.

"Will you marry me baby?" I asked.

"Yes I'll marry you daddy. Just one thing..." He said pausing.

"What's that?" I asked nervously.

"Let me have that muffin." He said cheesing.

I just chuckled at how greedy he was being. Ruined a good moment because he was hungry.

"Your so greedy." I said chuckling. "Here." I said handing him the strawberry muffin.

"Thank you! and I love you hubby." He said wrapping his arms around my neck, pecking my lips.

"I love you so much more baby." I cooed kissing his lips back with passion.

Just one kiss, and his warmth makes me love him even more.

"Mmm I love you so much baby boy." I mummered to myself.

Hours Later....

"Now that were getting married what do you want the wedding to be like?" I asked curiously.

"Well for starters I would love it if my fiancé helped me out with the plans. You can invite anyone you want to our wedding. I just want it to be the most memorable most gorgeous breath taking moment of our life's." He spoke holding onto my hands.

"What day should it be on?" I asked.

"Well what's your favorite month?" He asked tilting his head.

"My favorite month is June." I said.

"And my favorite number is 24. So how about we have our wedding on June 24 of this summer or next year?" He asked excitedly.

"That's fine with me." I said smiling brightly at him.

Jacob's POV

"What colors should we use?" I asked excitedly.

We were finally engaged, and I was getting married to my now handsome fiancé. I am just so overwhelmed and out of breath. I can't wait to call my grandma and my aunties and just everyone.! I can't wait to say those 2 words...'I do'. It just seems so far away, from right now than anything.

"Maybe a bright red. I think it would look so beautiful with the bright sky blue color...and you in it." He suggested smiling adoringly at him.

"Awww that so cute!" I gushed.

I feel so much like a girl right now. But he's just so damn sweet!

"But those would make beautiful and outstanding decorations." I said. "what type of food should we have though?" I asked.

"How about we have my mom cook...she probably wouldn't mind." Chres suggested.

"How about we go over tomorrow and tell them the great news?" I asked brightly.

"Ok..my mom would love that." He said smiling hugely showing his vampire teeth.



Yay! Their finally getting married!! 8D Omg! I've been waiting to post this chapter! The only reason why I couldn't was because my charger was broke and I had to wait a week to get e new. I had to beg my mom though. €:3

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