Chiba Ryuunosuke

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"(Last name),(First name)" you you introduce as some of the guys in the classroom nosebleed as they saw you. You roll your eyes to them.

"Stay. Away. From. Me." You said coldly as you glare every person who looks at you.

You're a third year student who is one of the A-Class, but dropped in first quarter who was transferred to E-class due to violence.

You tried to kill a person in the class and that's because of Asano. You hated helping the other class because you want them to learn by themselves. Why do they have to be helped by other persons? They're already in Class A who knows how to do everything but they can't even do it and why the heck do they need to act like a baby? They didn't even listen to the other teachers just to be teach by this Asano.

Asano was forcing you to help the class but you refuse a lot of times and when you were busy doing some projects you accidentally pointed a knife to him which the teachers saw it.

And there, you were dropped of almost killing that Asano bastard.

You already knew the case of the teacher in the End Class because of hearing the conversation of Karasuma and Principal.

And this principal also dropped you because they can't let the others know the secrets. And that is making you interesting, killing a teacher is better than killing a student.

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