The Girl You Haven't Know

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I got tagged by NightBlaize and I wanted to thank her for tagging me although I don't wanted to do these facts but this is one of the rules!

There are rules about the tags so I hope you can also do it 😁

1) You can't refuse even if you want to.

2) You have to tag 15 people.

3) You have to include the rules.

4) The title of the chapter should be creative.

5) You have to do it, you get the punishment from the tagger.

6) You have to say 13 facts about yourself.

7) You can't do this in the comment. You have to do this in a chapter.

Rules are rules~

1. Through my name, I'm a Loner and I have some friends that avoided me. But some of them are cheering me up.

2. I'm not the kind of person who can talk to elders or relate to. I'm respecting them.

3. I always got rumors about me about friendship though I look like as if I don't care.

4. I always cheer up my family.

5. When it comes to serious business, I'm not the kind of person you were talking to when it's serious.

6. I'm actually a cheerful person but not at all the time I've been.

7. I actually play dress up game like NikkiUp2, designing and such as.

8. Anime is my life.. Sweets while watching! And sleep is also my life I always sleep a lot.

9. I hate folding clothes, but I love doing chores. (If I'm in a mood to do)

10. I spend my time on Wattpad to update. It sometimes takes 2 days or a week to publish.

11. I'm actually thirteen years old. A Capricorn. Born in December.

12. I'm not that talkative. I guess? I'm not good at making topics.

13. Lastly, I wanted to eat some foods right now such as Burger King, Macdonald, Hardee's, and NYF (New York Fries).

Here are some friends I wanted to tag!


I actually haven't had enough followers and so I put the other innocent people! I'm sorry for that! 😅

I hope you guys also do it!
Thank you very much!! 😄

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