Maehara Hiroto

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I'm back~! Thank you for your concerns and it made me inspired! I'm very sorry for my absence 🙇 My little sister is glad although she was hiding it by her coldness 😂

I'm dedicating this to my best friend 😜 Angeliee~ she's pretending to be cold aren't you? Aren't you? 😝 I still shipped you with brada!

The character here is a tsundere. I guess? XD

😍Hopelessly In Love😍

"(First name)-chan~ come in!" Your classmate invited. Hiding your shyness you nodded nervously as you gulped. "Oh? (First name) is here?"

"Yup~! Why Onii-chan? Do you miss her?" She asked with a teasing smile her brother ignore you and get in his room.

"Seriously (friend's name)? Stop teasing me.." Whispering through her ears as both of you get in her room. "Why? You wanted it too right?~" she teased again making you even pissed.

You're a cold person who doesn't even wanted to fall in love with someone. You didn't care if they will tease you with someone from your batch but to your best friend's brother, you couldn't help it. And the worst thing is that you were falling from words and this person is a playboy, that's Maehara Hiroto.

Being a cold person doesn't mean you don't have a heart. You just wanted to be cold to feel cool but you're not that person who is a feeler about things. You usually know what you were doing. Why don't you want to be in love? You don't trust what they were calling love anymore. But, because of your stupid friend that you've been with a long time, she shipped you with her brother.

Now, you overnighted to her house because you were forced to. You sighed and look at your phone. "So what happen with the others?" Asking her she shook her head.

"Nothing but as usual. I didn't even wanted to talk to others and I want to keep myself busy.. By teasing you with Hiroto~" she winked at you and you rolled your eyes. "Stop it.. I was forgetting that."

"Just admit that you're in love~"

"I'm trying not to.." You seriously said as she giggled excitedly. "We're so near yet so far.." You sighed.

"I dont even wanted to fall again.. Because I'm scared of not being catch. You already know that your brother has a crush on someone don't you?"

"Of course I knew! But still, believe me or not, I'll be the cupid to hit both of your hearts together!" She happily said then the door widely opens. "(Friend's name), come here.."

"Why Hiroto? Wanted to confess to (first name)-chan? Tell her directly instead of letting me help you!~" she teased making your eyes widen as she stood up to his brother.

"Stupid, not that! You're speaking nonsense." Your friend smiled teasingly at you as she go out for a moment.

Without her, you were blushing so hard that you don't even wanna admit it. Face palming yourself as you jump through your friend's bed and cover your face with her pillow. Telling yourself to control, you sighed.

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