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*receives the baseball*

Sugino: Loner-san! You okay? I'm sorry!

: I'm okay! Good thing I received it or else it might hit (first name)!

(First name): Thank you for your concern, Loner-san!

Sugino: Do you play.. Volleyball?

: Yes, yes, of course. I love it and miss it too.

Koro-sensei: Nice receiving it Loner-san. You are really soon to be Libero of the volleyball. Even though you're far away from the court you believe in yourself that you can do it.

: *praising herself as she writes* yeah.. Thank you.

Koro-sensei: Speaking of Volleyball.. The Karasuno Highschool just visit in our Egg Hunt event.

(First name): Really?! Too bad I'm not there because my show with Maehara..

Maehara: Thankfully it went good and we really are good match after all!

:*facepalmed* thank me, Maehara. Thank me.

Maehara: *kissed Loner-san's cheek* that's thankful kiss!

Yandere Fans of Maehara: No! I thought you just said that we're perfect match!

Tsundere girlfriends: Tsch.. Don't care.

Girlfriends: We're breaking up!

:Poor Maehara Hiroto..

(First name): *laughs* bleh😜

Sugino: Well.. Going back to out topic.. Are you playing volleyball as well? (First name)?
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