Shiota Nagisa

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Thank you for the request Mitsu-chan! XD I've been dreaming a lot about this scenarios!

Requested by: MisakiXXItsubaki

😈Demon to Angel😇

Once upon a time, there was an angel who committed a crime that brought her to a place that was called hell. She was now a demon, who lives to let the humans fell on sadness, fears, and nothingness but lies. Her name is (last name),(first name).

Why was she sent there to do all the duties? She felt so bad for it although she do it for her own sake. She flew as her demon wings and stopped at the middle of Nature and the middle of the fire. She was in deepest thought. Why did the heavens didn't listen to her once more? She sat there in the middle of two worlds as she was silently crying on her knees. As her wings were burning in fire which was the sign of her deepest regret.

Her other demon friends, laugh at her as she did a crime. She was forced and she was abandoned by the heavens. Until an angel noticed her sadness. "What are you doing seating between the middle of the two worlds?" Asked by the angel.

The demon didn't answer but sobbed as she felt her sadness and fears. "Stay calm.. Don't think of negatives." Said the angel as he pat her head making her feel the calm. The angel sat beside her.

"Its so fun to feel so calm isn't it?" A warm smile making the girl feel the pain once more. "I feel.. Worst and I feel so painful. Is that what you call.. Calm and fun?" Sarcastically asked by the demon. The angel smiled at her.

"Why do you keep on smiling like everything is alright?" She asked again and sighed. "If you smile, everything you felt changes. You won't feel the pain but you will know that you're guided."

"Nonsense, I was abandon. And aren't you too now?"

"Abandon.. Feeling abandon is going to do nothing. You should fight for yourself and don't feel those kind of matters. Everyone had the same reason, though you should fight for it. Seating here and crying wouldn't do anything, but standing up and raising your head will make you feel better.. You will we the real true nature of the world." The angel explained leaving the demon widen her eyes.

"But.. The past."

"Past is past (first name)-chan.." He smiled warmly as your heart started racing through his gaze.

She's a girl stupid.. ' she thought as she chuckled on her own as a pain through her wings made her scream. "Ugh!!" It was sudden when she chuckled on her own. A painful regret. Forbidden by doing the simple action.

"(First name)!" The angel touched her hands making her warm as the pain through her wings calmed. "What happened?"

"Its.. Nothing. Father is calling me. He must've been waiting for me. By the way, how did you know my name?" You asked as you stood up avoiding the pain through your wings. "I'm Shiota Nagisa, a new angel fallen from the skies.."

"Nagisa-kun.." She mumbled his name and smiled. "What a weird name.. I've heard it before yet its strange."

"Let's become friends? Shall we?" You nodded as a smile from your lips wide. "Yes, I'm glad to be.. But I have to get going." He nodded.

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