Akabane Karma

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Speak of the Devil..

😈Hating the Devil😈

"Damn, damn, damn, damn," you keep on saying those words while walking like a soldier in the forest with clothes wet because of your rival, Akabane Karma.

"Neh~ (First name)-chan~ We'll be staying here forever if you keep on walking the same path~ " he teasingly said while you lead the way. "Shut up! Stupid!" You yell.

"Let's stay here for a while. I'm sure Ritsu will connect us some info on where we are," he sat under the tree relaxing. "You let me rush here even thought you're going to die! And now you just prank me?!" You cursed. Clicking your tongue.

"Hm?~ I didn't knew that you were worried.. Perhaps you believe in me so you don't want to let me die?~ Admit it you like me?" He tease again making crack your fingers.

"I will never ever like a brat like you! Aho no boke (Stupid dumbass)" you said and leave him sit there and go back to your same direction.

But then you end up meeting him again. "Huh?! Are you following me?" You ask him still angry. "Nope~ you just end up here because we're mean to be," he smirked.

"Stupid! Damn you! Ugh," you shiver as you felt cold from earlier's blast.
He actually blasted you a bucket of water which made you all wet.

You just sat under the other tree trunk and warm up for a bit. Karma noticed that so he stood up and seated beside you.

Your eyes widen in disgust and move away for a bit, but he grabs your hand. "W-W-What in the hell of devil are you doing?!" You tried to get your hands away from but he didn't let you. Instead, he held your hand to his.

"Obviously, warming you up.." He mumble and yawn like a kitten. You just stare at him disgusted.

"So? You just prank me and here are the results.. Isn't fun? I'm really enjoying it like I'm living with the devil life forever but I guess he cursed me." You said and sarcastically laugh.

"Could an angel live with the devil forever?" He whisper but you heard that. "Who do you mean? Okuda-san? Oh come on, I won't let an angel be with a devil!" You said. You look away and feel and ache from your heart as you said that and sighed.

You've just realize that you were both holding hands which is making you now warmer as you both continue your arguments and then fall asleep when the silence calmed you. You were facing right avoiding your left side but you feel uncomfortable that you couldn't help it but thought that the next person beside you is a pillow.

The red-headed grin mischievously staring at your sleeping face he comb his hand to your hair until he fell asleep as well.

Another hour had passed a connection from you and Ritsu has found but both of you are sleeping and didn't even notice that Ritsu already contacted you.

Then the octopus found you. He found you sleeping next to Karma. Both of you were sleeping peacefully. The octopus tried to wake up Karma but instead he was glared by this red head and let you fall asleep. He close his eyes and the octopus carried both of you using his old fashioned flying carpet.

"Nurufufu~ Look at my top students, they're actually lovers at all!" He said mumbling while smiling happily to the both of you as he moves the magical carpet.

Just notice that koro-sensei is there you just yawn carefully and let yourself be in this red-headed's arm. You trued to look at Koro-sensei but your eyelids shut your eyes. You've fallen asleep with Karma and that's what been happen in your dream.

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