Muramatsu Takuya

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"Do you guys know why Muramatsu-kun was named Takuya?"


"Because he is TaGay!"

The students laughed at your corny joke using Takuya because you had no choice but tease him. He came along with you since he had nothing to go and thought that it will be boring at his house. "Hey!(first name)! You're such an idiot!"

"Teacher (first name), what is idiot?" You look at the kids simply with a grin like Koro-sensei. "Oh.. Idiot is one of the corny words of TaGay. Don't ever be like him ha? Or else you will also be one of him, weirdos,"

They nodded at what you said and you look at Takuya with a simple grin. "Eek!" He shivered at your creepy smile and look away with a pout.

"Okay~ Let's continue our story.." They nodded grinning happily at you. "Brother Takuya, started farming to win his competition called 'The Ramen Challenge' which whoever got the prize will be known as the top first of the village!"

"Ehh! I'm the top one!" Said one of your genius student. "Well, its a village number one. Not a top overall in our classroom hihi! So don't be so obsess of the top (Student name). Top is not always top alright?" You advised as you pat his head.

He nodded while pouting, "Continuing, he was so obsess to rule the village that is why he wanted to be on the top." Then all of the students were shock "ohh?! He can rule the village?"

"Yup, but once he won the 'Ramen Challenge'. Once he ruled the village, all of them may not be punished from the bad things the other people do so he didn't realise those fact, I'll tell you that later. Then, brother Takuya started to harvest all of the healthy vegetable and ready it for his ramen as he brought them to the Kitchen of Village. "

(First name) continued telling them the story as the lesson of the story was finished. "So that's what happened, he won yet he didn't claim anything but rule the village for them to harm their friends and neighbors."

They all agreed at each other making you smile. "So the lesson for today was.. Never expect that you'll aim for the top for nothingness. Why did you join that challenge? Its for good of the citizens and not only to yourself." You explained to them.

The genius of the class raise his hand, "But isn't it not right for us to those thing?" You smile at him. "You have the right to and I know its for your parents you know.. Once you have claim for the top, always take care of them not what Brother Takuya does. Isn't that right Takuya?"

He yawned and look at you boringly. "Yeah.. So always do love your family if that's the reason why you claim for the top." He said with his bored face and you chuckled.

"Right.. So that's all for the class. Dismissed. Wait for your parents to come here! Don't walk home alone at your age!" You said as they all say their yes and go out if the room happily.

You sighed as you seat on your desk. You were teaching a kindergarten class that is why you were dropped to the E-Class because of teaching them. "Here.. Have some." Takuya handed a cup of coffee and you smile to him.

"Thank you.." You took a sip and he watches you with that with a blush. "Uhm.. Is there something wrong?"

"Damn.. I just swapped our drinks and now you just claimed an indirect kiss! I didn't do that on purpose." He said and you giggle at his cuteness. "We always do have an indirect kiss since we were a child."

"B-but its different from now idiot." You chuckled again. "Meh.. Don't even care. Its not my first though. Anyway, the coffee tasted good than the usual."

"That's because I used it!"

"Eh? Your saliva isn't this good either.." you teased. "By the way, I'll treat you some ramen today if you wouldn't mind."

"Wouldn't Terasaka will be looking do you?" You asked but he shook his head. "Nah.. I heard he's busy so I just said that I'll be with you today. I found out you were sighing all day than the usual."

"Thanks for the concern.. Well, I was too exhausted and exams are coming and I'm still teaching the kids for their work as their first quiz."

"Well.. I can help if you need me. I'm your childhood friend after all." He patted your head and you grin. "More like my boyfriend~"

He look away as he blushed. "Seriously? Do you really like me that much?"

"Of course, you're my childhood friend after all." You tease again and again.


(First name) couldn't had enough as Takuya watched her sipped all the noodles through her mouth happily. She gulped at the pervert thought and look away with a blush. "Takuya, what are you thinking?"

"Well? Who knows?" You just shrug it off and continue sipping the soup. "Pwah~" he blushed again to your cute moan as you got your last sip.

He gulped and look at your eyes carefully and you were smiling confusedly and tilted your head. "Takuya? Is it only me who can see your blush?"

He rolled his eyes as he took your bowl. "T-That will be free for tonight. Ju-just wait for me to lead you home." He get your bowl and gave you a drink. "Thanks."

After waiting for him, he walk you home as usual with a awkward silence. "Uhm.. Takuya."


"I know this will sound weird.." You sighed and stop on your tracks. He waited for your answer but you just blush and mockingly look at him in his eyes. You grab his neck tie and pulled him.

You let go of him fast before he speak. "I like you.. And I k ow you know that.".

You walk faster than him leaving him behind but you felt his hands that gripped your wrist and pulled you closer to him and suddenly kiss you. Your eyes are widen as he did what Irina-sensei taught.

It was a French kiss as he slipped his tongue to yours making your legs get weaker. He held your waist tighter closer to him as he let go of you with a cute sound of his pant. " i-i guess.. I'll see you tomorrow?"

You give him once more peck on his lips before you headed to your way. He was left there in the streets as he covered his mouth while looking at you. He was blushing and didn't even knew he would do that.

Damn, it tasted Ramen that was more delicious than I cooked.


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