Akabane Karma

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"(First name) where are you going tomorrow?" Karma asks as he open the television. You headed to the kitchen to cook dinner.

"Well.. Of course I'm going to school. Then I'm going shopping for the ingredients of whatever I wanted to cook!" You happily answered.

"But.. Tomorrow's examination right?"

"Yeah.. But still, I wanted to cook something for us." He looked at you boringly. "Well.. Just call me if you need something tomorrow. But, don't call me if you needed my money.." He glared and turned off the television.

"Yeah right.." He headed to his room and you sighed.

Both of you were living together as neighborhoods. Actually, you were supposed to live alone, but unexpectedly, he came out of nowhere. Well, your mom bought you a new house and you didn't knew that you will be living with your childhood friend.

Karma's parents and yours were close. They have their own reasons why do they have to let the both of you together which you didn't even wanna bother. At first, you were fighting with Karma saying that this is your house until your mother called and you have no other choice.

But it doesn't mean that both of you were in the same school. Well, you don't want to be with him because you knew he was genius and perfect. You never wanted to be with him anyways.

"Karma! Come here if you wanted to eat cause I'll eat without you!" You yell as you put down the rice and other foods you had made.

He came out and as usual, he's amazed. "How many time do I tell you not to cook a lot?"

"If I don't cook a lot, you'll look for more." You sat down at your chair. "Well.. We're like a living couple not to mention."

You pause at what you have heard from him. "What did you just say?"

"Meh.. Nohing~ I found out how lucky to eat a special deluxe dishes from you~" he took a bite of his dish.

You stare at him blankly, "is that a compliment?"

"More like an insult? You think?" You groan in that sadistic brat and he continue to eat. "More.." He slid his bowl to your face.

"Tsch, why don't you just get on your own."

"Don't be mad just because.. Oh, fine. I enjoy your dishes and I like it. Please hand me some bowl of rice."

"That's a good boy! Always respect ha?" He was pissed at saying that. You happily took his bowl. "I'll write that to my notebook! Another compliment from you~"

"Tsch," you handed back to him his rice bowl and continue eating.


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