Isogai Yuuma

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I hope you like it! I apologise if it took so long!!
[ Warning: This chapter is longer than the others it took 3000+ words XD and this contains drama. If you're not interested in drama, skip the chapter.]

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🌜 All Night 🌛

"(First name) and Isogai are so close!"

"They're so cute together!"

"Wah!! When they fight, they always do it together! I envy their love!"

"When it comes to assassin, both of them are in high spirits and they always protect each smiles "

A lot of students were envying and jealous of the both of you since last year. Now, you guys were been dating for two years. Both of you were unexpectedly dropped because of having a job. You met him in a Cafe shop where he works and it was a coincidence that you'll be working with him. Until, both of your feelings were connected to each other. You became friends with him and then at the same time, both of you confessed together.

It was so lucky loving someone like him and he also thoughts about that like from your mind through your heart, strings are attached together.

When the anniversary came, the both of you planned the same thing in the end, the party what you have done and his is also the same place where you guys are going to celebrate. Its none other than the Cafe. They helped you as much as Isogai's so they just combined it together and celebrated with the employees together.

Of course both of your parents were exactly happy about the news. It was also unexpected from them but they were happy about the two of you. His parents were also your parent's friend. Which was a coincidence that they met together again.

Today, it was another day of role call. And it was amazing that you and your boyfriend were happy about the greats. Though, both of you were in the same top. Another coincidence, but its destiny.

Well you don't know if it really is destiny but it is a special destiny meeting him in the cafe together. "Good morning (last name)-chan!~" Nakamura hugged you as you came in the class together with Isogai.

"Oh! Did I interrupt?"

"No,no,no. Its okay! We're fine!" You glance at your boyfriend then you look at your hands. "Haha, I do feel the same way Isogai. Like I don't even wanna let go your hand.." You said warmly squeezing his hand.

As he realise he blush and remove his hands from yours. "I-I forgot.." He look away blushing. "Its okay, we've got used to it too." He smiled at you warmly.

Nakamura and Maehara coughed together. You also realised that both of you were in public. "S-sorry!" Both of you said.

"Oh my gosh! They're freaking damn cute!!" The other girls fan girl at the both of you as if you were celebrities who was shipped by everyone.

The both of you were hard to separate so everyone just let you guys be. Well, you can't either nor Isogai. You were suddenly grabbed by a hand by Nakamura and pulled you in. You glance at Isogai who was also pulled by Maehara.

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