Shiota Nagisa

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Finally school vacation! Oh right! Hope you you guys enjoy this. I know it'll turn lame.

🐦When I met You🐦

It all started on that popular school, yet in the E-Class. You were actually a loner even though a lot of friends talk to you but later that, they will leave you just like they usually do.

You always thought your self as weak, useless, and worthless but you're attitude is the actual opposite of that when its in school. You're not a social person but you've always smile and joke around everyone else but when the conversation ended.. It just only ends there. You've tried your best avoiding that so-called friends to you who just needed you when they needed something.

Cheerful is one of your best attitude when you always saw someone in pain or alone you always tried your best to communicate or make them smile. And that's what you want, to make them happy even if they were cheered you're the only once left who burdens herself in darkness even if she cheers someone up.

But then, someone noticed that and that's Nagisa- no, Koro-sensei. He notice that ever since you've cooperate with others happily and when they turn around your smile will disappear as you heard their gossips about you.

Koro-sensei cheers you like he usually do to his students, but the fact never changes in your heart and mind that you're useless and nothingness from the world you're living.

You fake yourself to Koro-sensei that you're always alright when he asks you everyday. You simply replied your usual answer.  After that, you met someone who saw everything from you that you didn't intend to notice.

That's the guy you fall deeply in love, Shiota Nagisa, the observant person in the class.

You walk weakly from behind the class. Forcing a smile that a tear falls down from your cheek your body seems to be weak and you drop yourself at the corner. Back from the school hearing them laugh happily as you tried to hold in but you let it all out. Hearing them saying your name, hearing those bad things they said about you. You tried..

You sat behind, you still wanted to smile like you always do. But the pain inside yours won't change. You tried to let it in but it always end up falling while as the tears started flowing as you wipe it.

"Neh, (Last name)-San," you open your eyes as tears keep falling down from you cheeks. Your eyes widen in surprise when a boy in front of you handed his handkerchief.

"Skipping class wouldn't solve everything," he smiles and you nodded in agreement and instead of accepting his handkerchief you wipe your tears away and pretended to be alright.

"Yeah, right sorry about! Oh let's go now, Koro-sensei might see us here!" You were about to walk back but he grabbed your hand and pulling you closer to him which surprises you. "N-Nagisa-kun..?"

"But it doesn't mean I'll let you in before you letting it all out," confused on what he said. You ask "Eh? I'm alright! You see!" You slightly push yourself out from his arms and smile with the peace sign in your eyes.

"Its.. Okay to let out all your pain than smiling to yourself forever that will worst the pain," he said with his eyes on you. Your eyes widen in surprise and force yourself to let everything in.

"W-what do you mean? I'm alright.." You forced another smile and fakely giggled. "Y-you must be wonder--"

"I'm not blind, (last name)-san.. I saw you. Always in this corner. Always here behind the school. I hated it, I hated seeing you like this.." He seriously said which made you force a laugh.

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