•Akabane Karma•

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Karma: Poor author-san got rejected by her number one..

: Shut up! I cried because I found another one! 😂

Karma: Tch.. Im still your number one.

: No,no, you're everyone's number one idiot! Yeah speaking of my number one!! Geeh!! Its Nice!

Karma: What are you talking about?

: Its Nice!

Karma: Complimenting me? Of course, I am Nice.

: *coughs* Nice.. From Hamatora.

Karma: Tch.. *evilly smiles*

: *smirked* you're such a feeler 😝 Akabane Karma.

(First name): Pwahaha speechless Karma, have an excuse for yourself?

Karma: I am NOT. Im absolute.

Akashi Seijuro: Excuse me?

Asano: I'm the no. One here..

Akashi: How about.. One on one challenge then?

Asano: If I win.. I'm the emperor here.

:*coughs hard*

Karma: Neh.. Asano, you've just drop. I'm now the emperor.

Akashi: I'm absolute.

Okay it seems like the aura of this room is creepy, fighting for their places. This is not interesting.

(First name): This is interesting. Then whoever won, will be mine.

:*choked* lemme. Continue the story--

Karma, Asano, Akashi: I'm in.

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