Isogai Yuuma

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Another boring day, so lemme update!

😣Poor Ikemen😣

"I.. Wanted to say.." Isogai, the class representativd is in front of confessing on you. You role your eyes as you thought of that.

"You love me? You like me?" He blush deeply as you asled that, he was averting his eyes on you. "Why me?" You ask as you look at him like you didn't care. He noticed that but still blushing on what he was going to say. You turn your back and walk away.

"You've known me so well, Ikemen, but I don't deserve anyone who was only attracted on my looks," you sigh. He suddenly grabs your hand and you look at him as his eyes sparkled your eyes widen in surprise.

"I love you, in your you, whoever you are. I'm not attracted in your looks but you!" He said still blushing while being serious.

You sigh, "I told you--"

"I won't ever give up on you even if you dump me a lot of times!" He smile at you. "Because I don't give up on someone I love, no matter what it takes I'll make you mine,"

Poor Ikemen, surely he is lucky to have me but I don't like guys.. Even him. He have to accept that like the other guys did.

Actually, you weren't the person who loves guys. You were actually the cold type when it comes to them.

You already know the reason why all of the boys in each class liked you and its obviously your beauty which you hate that.

All of them confess to you even Nagisa and Karma did. But you dump them. Nagisa understands and Karma didn't even give up like Isogai but Karma lost his interests so he gave up and let you won being single forever.

All you knew that all of the guys will gave up in the end. There is no 'happily ever after' in your life nor so called forever. You don't believe in those kind of stuffs and you don't even wanted to fall in love.

But inside you, you really wanted to fall but your mind is exploding in thinking of pains that will happen to you whenever they confess. And those reasons are:

They will love you but dump you
Play a game
Broke your heart and leaving it shattering
Being separated, only text and calls but then you'll found out that there's a girl that the guy dates on.
And your body.

You hated those kinds of stuffs and you didn't wanted to let that happen to you so none of the guys were accept on being your boyfriend. Even if listing those kinds of things, it will be just nothing as you thought.

But this Ikemen is different from the guys that you know that will give up. He's been waiting for your answer in one month already and for sure you thought and imagine that he's already being impatient but he's controlling himself.

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