•Sugino Tomiho•

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😜Prentend Girlfriend?😜

"Tomiho.." You call his name a bit awkward since yesterday. "Let's go then?" He nodded.

You knew it. He sure is regretting what he was doing right now. You knew that he is distancing himself for you. "Tomiho.." You call his name while walking.

He didn't answer and let you wait to answer you sighed. "You don't have to.. Ignore me." You honestly said then he stop on his tracks.

You turn around to look at him but he's averting his eyes on you. He looked depressed and sigh.

"You still can't get over it?" You laugh at his unusual self.

"Yeah," he shortly reply, you smile to him. "Get over it. Anyways, just stop hoping for nothing and tell her already you shouldn't be like that."

"We're not going to pretend now. Right? I just promised you for one day." You flicked his head.

He tried to smile. "Don't worry.. Just calm down. You can do it. I won't interfere. Trust me."

Even though it hurts, you still have to do it for him. After this one day, you'll end your friendship for a while. Just this one day for him.

"Ohayo~!" You greet everyone. "Here come the couples! Or should I say (ship name)" you felt an ache from your heart as they say that then Tomiho seemed really down.

"Guys.. Just stop with those stuffs," he said and go back to his seat. They all became quiet as they saw the aura of the both of you.

"Hey.. (Last name)-San what happened?" Rinka-san asked worried.

"N-nothing! You see! My mother seemed to be afraid that I would be hurt or anything so she called Tomi-- Sugino and I know Tomiho hates the past that's why!" You create some random stuffs.

"What happened to that past?" Touka asked then you sigh. "Well.. At the past. He.. He remembers that.. I did something bad to him!" You nervously laugh.

"So you kiss him?" You were shock at her answer. "No of course!" You blush as you imagine.

"Come on guys.." You sigh in defeat. "Please.. Not now." They looked at you worried and confused.

To be honest, you already wanted to cry because of the things that are happening.

Since you're out of your mind today. You didn't notice that its already lunch break. As you glance at your side, you saw Tomiho who stood up and walks to Kanzaki.

He smiled to her and she also stood up happily as you look at them both.

'Looking at them together.. Seems to be really perfect.' You thought as they walked out from the classroom.

All you wanted is to cry on the corner. But you can't and everyone noticed that something really is unusual from you. Usually, you always joke with everyone but now, you cross your arms on your table and rest your head.

Usual is never unusual.

Though, she didn't know what she really means she sighed in depressed. "U-uhm.. (last name)-san." You look up to Okuda who was looking at you shyly.

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