Chiba Ryuunosuke

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🎉Happy Birthday to Chiba!!🎊

I'm back!! CX think this will be my last for awhile. I started packing and seriously, to be honest.. My drafts are freaking damn full because of the MekakuCity Actors. I don't plan on publishing it since the plot is still complicated as the characters 😜 but, I have publish this story, Nakamura and Karma! I shipped this two!! Sorry Okuda-san fans, I really do shipped this two xD. But I'm going to re-do it.

Even the drafts here at this book.. Omg. My wild imaginations are killing me. X3 Moving on, I'll see you guys after June! <3

•|Emotionally in Love|•




"Ryuunosuke~!" You call his name repeatedly as he look up to you with his usual emotionless face. "How many times will I repeat your name to notice me?" You pouted and grabbed his pencil.

"I thought we're going somewhere?" Asking that, he froze at his seat and look away. "You agreed to be with me today. Oh well, I guess.. You'd forgot it. Anyway, let's just cancel it." You turn your back as you were about to seat at your place but a hand grabbed your wrists.

"(First name)-San.." He whispered your name which made you grin happily. Even though he couldn't explain it, you could see that he wanted to.

"Really?! We will?" He nodded and you hugged him making him blush. All of your classmates were looking at you as Nakamura and Karma smelled something fishy about the two of you.

"After classes?"

"After classes.." He said making you grin even wider at excitement. "I couldn't wait!" He nodded and goes back to his place.

(First name) smiled to herself as she sat on her place, writing all the plans for his childhood best friend who is Ryuunosuke. Nakamura appeared in front of you making you stop writing, you felt like you were going to be played by her again. When you look up at her, she was evilly smiling. "Hehe~" gulping as she laugh at you, she winked and gave you a teasing smile.

"So~ are you guys dating?" She teased you making you sweat dropped at her other question beside from that, "N-No.."

"Really?~" she took a glance at Chiba sending you chills. "Then, I'll just asked him to correct if I'm wrong." You grabbed her hand as she was about to and you sighed. "Alright.. I'm going to tell it to you but please do not tell it to everyone, even Chiba."

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