Chiba Ryuunosuke

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(First name) got in the school earlier as usual. She sat on her desk and look at the window as she look up the sky. A sad smile formed her lips as she remembered.


"Bleh! Bleh! bleh~ (last name)-chan always fail~" the kids started bullying (first name) as tears started forming in her eyes as she tried to stand up.

She tried to stand, but her wounds on her knees hurts. She fell on the ground and started crying. "Uwah!" She cried.

"Pwaha! Someone call the wambulance! Wah~ wah~" the kids started laughing at her.

Until they stopped, they saw a black haired boy whose eyes are covered by his hair as he threw a rock at the kids. "Hey! Don't bully her!"

"Wah! I-its Sadako who cut her hair to cover her eyes!!" The kids started running while (first name) continued to sob as she look at her wound that was bleeding.

"H-hey.. Here. I'm going to help you. Just stand a bit." Said the boy and he reach for her arms and tried to let her walk, but she couldn't. She started crying from the pain so the boy had no choice but carry her in a cradle ones.

"Here.." He slowly put her down as he saw a bucket of clean water from the playground. He dip his finger to the water and slowly wiped it to her wounded knees. "Uhm.." She look at the bit and she noticed it didn't hurt anymore as he put the band aids.

"There.. That will heal back to normal." He grin at her making her smile. "Thank you.."

They have met five years ago and become friends together. Another day, Ryuu visit (first name)'s house to play with her. Until then, "Ryu-kun.."

"(F-first name)? What happened?" He asked worried.

(First name) was seating on a wheel chair, she looked so pale and slim. His eyes were widen as he opened the door knob of her house. "Ryu-kun.." She couldn't speak much but whisper her words. She wasn't ready, she's not about her next doings.

"(First name)!" He lean towards her as she hugged her with sadness. "I'm sorry.."

"Wh-why? We'll.. Still play a bit more right?" It was all of sudden. She gulped weakly looking at him. "I'm.. Going to Kyushu."

"H-huh?" He let go of her and look her in the eyes her hear aches when he saw him like that he gulped as he tried to speak.

😉Back to Present😉

"(First name)-chan~" distracted by your thoughts you look at the person and she warmly smile. "Hey Kayano-san.."

"I wanted to thank you for your hard work yesterday! It might not work but it was fun!" You nodded surprisedly and look at the other students have arrive. "Good morning." You greeted them.

"(First name)-chan is there something wrong?" You smile at her kindness and nodded. She took a seat and look at you. "So what did happen? (First name)-chan.."

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