Shiota Nagisa

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I really found this cute! Though I feel bad for my writings xD and so on, you don't have to apologise Mitsu-chan~ Wah I feel like you're so cute that I wanted to pinch your cheeks. Okay I feel so weird 😂

Why are they.. Dressed like what Alice in the Wonderland are? I don't even know why, but I found it cute.

Requested by: MisakiXXItsubaki

🎉Surpising Robots🎊

(First name) is a young security guard, who monitors the place calmly as she drink her coffee on the side. She look at the other camera that moved to the sides where all the toys were standing. She found herself smiling as she saw the cute robots.

She stood on herself to check the place. Her eyes landed to the robots and she grin happily looking forward to see them. "Bonnie.. Why were you named Bonnie?" She sighed as she felt weird touching the cheeks of the robot.

It was cute seeing the human-like robot. But it feels weird that they look like a person that you were nearly falling in loved to. "Shiota..Nagisa?" She mumbled as she caressed the cheeks of the robot.

"Its more human like calling him Shiota!" You happily beam your eyes to the robot but suddenly its eyes widen making you jump off. "I-is it my imagination?"

Staring back on the eyes of the robot, expecting it would move again but you sighed. "How I wish you guys to wake up to play with me.. But I'm just a guard who's in love with toys.." Mumbling the words as you turn your back to the office.

Looking at the cameras again, you took a sip of your coffee then you heard a loud thud from the room. Your heart started racing at the feeling of nervousness as you turn your flashlights on to look at the room.

Your eyes widen as you saw the toys started talking. "Neh~ Bonnie.. You were lucky to have a name!" Said the toy that was also costumed as Chica that was also a human-like.

"Yeah~ I wanted to have too!" Said the other toy who was named Freddy, gulping as you turn off your flashlights. "Neeh~ No need to hide from us guard-sama!~"

Widening your eyes as you saw the toy that was named Foxy, who was also one of the human-like toys that were dressed in a costume. "N-no!! Wah!" Frighten by their action you step back as you fall in your knees.

"Please calm down.." Said the Bonnie that you named as Nagisa. Covering your eyes as you step back again only to feel the wall from your back.

"P-please go away!" Scared by them they sat beside you making you even feel scared. The blue headed who was costume as Bonnie, started to pat your head as you begun to feel calm.

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