Asano Gakushuu

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😟Any Last Words?😟

"Dumbass! You just got lucky! On the next quarter I'll defeat you! Feel the pain!" You yell at the so called number one who doesn't have the feels that you felt right now.

"I'll be looking forward to see you." He smiled kindly as he watched your back. "You'll never be in my place anyway," he sarcastically rolled his eyes as he turn his back and goes to the Principal's office.

"I already let the Class A practice themselves by the help of top students which is us." He reported then the principal nodded.

"Lucky for (last name), (first name) being on the top two, but you have done a great job." He nodded to his father.

"Have you ever noticed (first name)-San?" His father asked then the room silenced.

On your way to the library, you stubbornly feel the anger from your heart as it beats fast from earlier conversation with Asano.

You were perfectly pissed that he always steals your top but he didn't do anything wrong. You clicked your tongue as you get all the important books from the library and put them all on the table. You sighed in relieve that it didn't fall.

It was like having a hundred pages of book browsing them as you re-write it to your pad papers. After two minutes on the first page, you concentrated on memorizing the words by 50 seconds and as you did you re write some words again and again.

"(Last name)-chan." Concentrated on your work, you didn't bother to answer any questions or words from every person who called you.

Obsess on being the top one you clicked your tongue. You knew that even though you get on his top, nothing will change that you felt its not enough. You still have to strive hard.

"(Last name)!" You suddenly glance at the person coldly and found out it was Asano. "Don't bother to talk to me if I'm studying."

"Just to remind you that we should teach other of our classmates first before ourselves."

"And who I am to do that? Even if I'm on the top it doesn't mean I will help them." You rolled your eyes and started writing again. Asano smirked as he look at you while you close your eyes memorizing facing the book.

He kind of found you interesting to talk too. Though it doesn't feel comfortable being talked by a rival whose always wanted to say that he is always on top which is the most annoying word of all.

"You still have too. Helping students also includes your attitude. If you wanted to be on the top--"

"You don't have to tell me about that. I decide and you just keep on forcing. I'll do it later when I'm already done of this nine books. I only have 4 books left." You closed the book harshly and glare at him.

"Don't disturb me, before I teach, I should be sure to teach them correctly." You said then he nodded and smile. "Then I'll stay here with you to make sure if you really are."

"Just don't you dare look at me. Stay 1 meter away from me." You sighed and open the new book. He nodded and get some near books from the shelves and he did stay one meter away from you.

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