Chiba Ryuunosuke

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🔫Shoot🔫[Assassinating Part]

"Please come with me, Koro-sensei. Alone." You said and shot him a glare. In the end, it failed.

Day One
Formation: Failed.(He didn't came along)

Day Two
Alone: Failed. (Someone came along)

Day Three
Last Chop: Failed (He moved)

Day Four
Formation: Failed. (He dodge)

"Just give up, (last name)-San.." Said Nakamura but you just roll your eyes to her. "Heck no. I'll give up until I don't see his ass,"

"Seriously? (Last name)-San.." Okajima muttered and you shot him a glare. "This will be the last. Nagisa, help me combine all the things you guys have done that used to be failed." You commanded.

"Y-yes, (last name)-San." He handed his paper to yours and you read it as you turn next pages with a smirked formed your lips.

"Alright then, everyone is joining." You said then everyone happily jumped. "Finally! We get to be working together again!"

You smile at them, suddenly as you remember your action your smile vanished. Chiba noticed you and you just shot him a glare. "How cold.." He mumbled. "Yet,She has a warm heart.." He kind of smile then Maehara smirkingly teased him.

"Okay everyone.. Here's the plan." You were about to explain but Karma smirked at you sending you a glare. "Don't forget me. (Last name),"

Before you explain you "tsch" at the boys who were trying to be flirty to you. And of course that's Maehara and Okajima. "Go away or I'll never include you."

They boh sighed as you talked to Okuda about the poison she'll make then she agreed too. Next you go to Sugino and sugested him to make those baseballs. Then to Terasaka, for his bombs that used to be held by Nagisa. And lastly, you went to Itona for his electronics. You suggested him to build something tight that will tie Koro-sensei.

"Okay... Let's help together making those. I've listed who will team up for this stuffs." You grouped the people who are worthy to their position and it seemed like some of them aren't good with such other things, so Nagisa volunteered to arranged them.

As soon as it was finished in one day, tomorrow will be the day for it to destroy Koro-sensei. Even though everyone knew it won't worked but they believe. Inspired by their actions, you also do what you must.

The bell has rung and it's the signal of your act now. You prayed for everyone not to let this down. Once a wrong move, it will take away everything.

"Hello.. Itona. You guys ready?" You whispered. Connecting with the other students who had their own earphones. "We're setting up.." He whispered back.

"Good to hear. Chiba, ready the ammos safely away from the others, it might let the others get infected. Okuda-san are all that safe?"

"Y-yes..Only animals can get infected by it and only Koro-sensei will be infected to it." You silently giggled so are the others and you hear Nakamura's teasing tone. "Ooh I think I just smell fishy from the conversation."

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