Itona Horibe

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I really do apologise for not making a story from my POS (Prince of Stride) But I'll try to update as soon as possible.

I'm doing chores and surely when mom arrives I will get scold! So the hatest thing I do to my life.. Folding clothes.

So hope you enjoy!

😶Got you!😶

You sighed again as you failed to prank your best friend, Itona Horibe. All you did is search on YouTube and internet to prank him since its April Fools' Day and now its already the 3rd Day that you failed.

"What prank will work to you.. You notice everything so well." As he open his door, you were expecting that he already got spilled by the slimy thingy on the top. But,he didn't.

"Failed, (first name), failed." He repeated all you can do is glare at him and puff your cheeks.

"Nice try.. But." He lean on you and seductively raise your chin making you a bit blush on what he was going to do.

"I'll never let you win. Unless.. You'll be mine." He whisper to your ears making you even blushed.

He looks into your eyes making you melt at his gaze as you slowly close your eyes.

You waited but you heard a laugh from him. "Got you!" He laughed.

"Oh come on! Horrible Itona!" You glare at him as he got you.

You get a pillow from his bed and hit him as hard but he dodge it which was expected then he also grab a pillow and throw it hard to you. "Damn it Itona!"

"I win. 15 pranks and you got nothing." He said with a bored voice.

"How would I believe you! You tried to kiss me!"

"Are you expecting me to do so?" He amusingly said then you grab the pillow what he threw to you.

"Stupid! I wasn't!"

He really is acting as Karma and it is now pissing you off. Though, you just dared him to do that so he would stop making electronics that just make him more stressed.

"Oh come on.. Dare. no more Karma sides.. No more teasing. Just go on make your electronics." You sighed in defeat then he nodded and got back to his normal self.

To bad that you really like that kind of attitude, because he's talking to you much more than the others. Well, after all he's your best friend.

Since when where you his best friend? You thought.

"Hey Hori, when was I your best friend?" You asked confused as he get his materials.

"Hm.. I don't know. You just keep on clinging on me." He said then that hit you too much.

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