Terasaka Ryoma

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Pfft.. This brat. Happy Birthday to him!

😑That Bullier😑
Birthday Special•

"You actually suck at everything."

"Oh really? Someone just talked back to me saying that I sucked at everything! Wooh.. Someone spoke as if he doesn't," you said sarcastically arguing at him which is Terasaka the bullier.

Everyone sighed as they both saw you again arguing the same actual thing every morning. Karma stood up and walk in the middle of you to interrupt but it didn't worked. Your eyes are still on Terasaka saying that you were definitely angry to him.

He always bully you since you two were born. Actually, he was your so called childhood friend. But you don't believe that he's your friend after he always stay mad at you.

"Neh~ Terasaka.. You maybe not be a politician if you fight over to a citizen." Karma said making him stopped.

You smirked at Terasaka who was dumbfounded. You glare at him with a smile and you go back to your seat. Karma finally sighed in relive that the argue is done.

"Seriously? Fighting in the morning (last name)?" He said as he seat back at his chair. You two were seat mates so you nodded at what he said and roll your eyes.

"He started it after all," you said making Terasaka look at you with a deadly glare and you glare him back of course. "Tsch, you argue back!" He replied.

Karma who was in the middle of the both of you takes out of his guns. "Shut up you two. I'm in the middle and you're fighting here?" He look at the both of you making you stop.

"Okay!okay! Good morning class! Now please raise your hands if you're here!" Koro-sensei said and you smirked.

"Yes!! Okay.. Now! Aim!" Isogai stood up and take out his gun so do you. Everyone started shooting him but as usual he missed it.

Another after the three subjects in the morning, lunch has arrive. You happily take out your Bento then suddenly the other guys started grinning at you which was the two friends of Terasaka, Murumatsu and Yoshida.

"Enjoying what you see?" You glare at them which made them look away blushing. "Hmp," you concentrated eating your favorites while Terasaka and his friends distracted him going outside for a while.

"Neh (last name)-san.." You were about to eat the hotdog that was shaped beautifully to an octopus but Karma distracted you.

"What do you wanted? Karma no Baka?" He flinched offended. "Ohh~ Are you offended? Even though you're in the top it doesn't mean I'll respect you already.." You continue your Bento and he sighed.

Okuda and the other classmates of yours surrounded you which making you tilt your head in confusion. "What do you guys wanted? Do you want me to feed you?" They all face palmed.

"Did you know that Terasaka's birthday today?"

"Do you think I care?" You said it easier and have another bite from your Bento. "Hmm! This is yummy! I'll thank Takuya later for doing my Bento. I'll share him later!" You happily said making them envy what you were eating. And again, they face palmed.


"Just admit it. You liked Terasaka that's why you were jealous of Hara-san." Nakamura said smirking at you that made you choked at what you were eating.

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