Important Anouncement

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Loner-san here! 😶

Good morning/evening/afternoon IncoNers! So as the title say, its an important announcement.
Its a good news that I'll go on vacation at our country. Its been a long day that we haven't visit our families.. And because of that, I won't be updating starting May 27 to whole June. Recent requests will be done as soon as possible. And also, requests will be closed.

I'll be taking a long, long break. After break, I'll go to school and start my first highschool year. I really wished to write more. I'll miss Assassination Classroom, Boku no Hero Academia, Bungou Stray Dogs, and all the other interesting ongoing anime's of 2016.

I'll also miss you guys! I'm really glad that you got enjoy my works even though there are some problems with it. I'll be on hiatus.. How dramatic of me, I have no pocket WiFi to bring 😂. So without that, I wouldn't be able to publish. I'll rush the things that I wanted to publish right away.

By the way,

Happy Mother's Day and Happy 3k views and.. And.. Goodbye!😭 Just kidding I'll be back! 🎊

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