It's Something...

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Mikey x Shy!Reader
Sorry if it's not what you wanted!
Pizzalover1984 began to bother Fireflything
Pizzalover1984: hey u there???
Seen 10:54
Fireflybugthing: uh yeah... what is it?...
Seen 10:56
Pizzalover1984: I found this AWSOME iguana puppet in the trash!
Seen 10:59
Pizzalover1984: it even has a top hat and bow!!
Seen 10:59
Fireflything: don't tell me you found that in a trash bin!...
Seen 11:04
Pizzalover1984: ...
Seen 11:08
Seen 11:09
Fireflything: ew! Don't come over with it! Or that home made pizza you brought last time...
Seen 11:13
Fireflything left pizzalover1984.
Sighing, Michelangelo leaped towards the apartment complex, his feet finally landing onto the destined fire escape.
You had gotten yourself absorbed within your computer, not liking to communicate with others in person. Other than Mikey, but he's the exception.
"Meow!" The teen mimicked a cat as he scratched the glass of the window. "Meow!" His 'cat-talk' becoming louder like a whining child in a store. Chuckling, you got up from your comfortable position, which you were crouched down with your leg on the desk chair and your knee was right above your leg. Making you look ridiculously in pain.
Anyways, Mikey crawled into your room his three fingered hand feeling the carpet as his legs fallowed. He purred as he layed on the cushion of your bed, laying his body down and snuggling close to the (f/c) stuffed bear. You awkwardly stood there, before walking up to Mikey and slightly petting his head making him purr more.
Pulling your hand away you giggled and went back to the 'oh so comfortable' position near you desktop, browsing the internet. His pout was concealed by the bear, it's artificial fur tickling his face the turtle's eyes trained on your figure.
Smiling wickedly, he stood from you bed and tipped toed towards your figure. Your face concealed by a small pillow, your eyes glued to the screen and an ear bud stuck in your ear. Mikey's hands came to your cheeks, making you turn to him, his eyelids half way down and smirking towards you. This made you blush like a mad man, his face close and a the smug look made you look away slightly. He chuckled, oh God his chuckle! Husky and smooth, he leaned in and pressed his lips towards yours. Leaving his hands from your cheeks, he grabbed you bum and pulled you up and toward your bed. You thought you blush wouldn't get any worst but as his tongue began to intertwine with yours and his hands becoming greedy as they felt your smooth skin on you stomach and sides. You began to moan into the kiss and-
That's when Casey and your father came in slamming the door with weapons in hand, you hid in Mikey's chest as he awkwardly laughed.
This is something....
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