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Yandere!Dogpound x Reader
Waring: blood
I felt like it has been waiting for me to make a move on the investigation of my friends' murder. My mind said to shut everything out and go on to forget every single dreading moment of the bloody scene.
A knock on my window made me jump.
I stood from the end of my bed, shaking as I took every step nearer to the window. But as soon as I pulled the curtain, I wanted to never even gotten close to the window.
There was Michelangelo's corpse, his face and upper plastern was pressed onto the glass as his lifeless eyes. His mouth fallen open as it and his nostrals had dried blood dripped down, now mostly smeared onto the window.
Walking back you felt like you wanted to wake up, for this could only be a sick joke nightmare!
Tears sprouted from your eyes and fell down, knees weak and shock had numbed your senses as the body was pulled back and had slammed onto the glass. Smashing through the glass inference, dog pound entered the bedroom and spotted your figure on the floor. Grinning, he made you look up your his face as he licked his lips. "Wonder how delicious you really are.~" he came in with his jagged teeth about to pierce your skin.
"(Y/N)! WAKE UP! IT'S OVER, THE BEARS ARE GONE!" Raphael and Michelangelo shook you as you had fallen a sleep with them as you and the other had gotten trapped in the dream world.
You weren't breathing, your heat stopped, and you had stopped struggling to wake for an hour.
Sorry if it was confusing, but I had first wanted to make it into a really sick joke by the turtles . But thought it'd be better if you were trapped in the dream work by the Beaver's back up plan of taking you instead of the turtles....
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