Cutie Pie

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Jealous!Raphael x Cute!Reader
Sorry if it's not what you wanted!
I felt thier eyes on me,always wanting to impress me. I luagh at Mikey's jokes, giggle at Donnie's attempts of flirting and gawked at Leo's skills. But only one turtle interested me the most, Raphael.
I always liked his humor, skills and understood his situations with his relationships with his family. He had the gorgeous green emerald eyes that would brighten with anger and later regret or victory. I smiled as I thought of his handsome smirk in my way, but was interrupted by a hand being placed on my sholder which spooked me a bit. Turning around, I looked over towards the red banded turtle, his eyes averted from my frame. "What's up, Raph?" I asked, slightly blushing as he pulled me towards the rooms, where we were isolated from the others.
Raph pinned me between his buff arms making me blush horribly. He didn't look at me, not wanting me see his blush, he mumbled something thing under his breathe. I didn't he hear him completely but not wanting to ask to speak up I leaned toward him, it made is face brighten up in red. I smiled, his expression was priceless! I luaghed slightly at the face he had pulled, staring at his emerald eyes as he furrowed his brows.
"I really, ready like you...." His husk voice and soft expression made my face feel like a stove's surface. I could make any words as he realized his mistake and began to walk away saying "sorry... I -I didn-" I stopped him and pressed my lips on his, my hand in his cheek his arms wrapped around my waist.
We moved in sync, my blush spreading to my ears.
Air was needed, we separated, our eyes connecting. I slightly looked down, smiling "I actually like you, too"
Sorry it's so terrible, and short. I'm going to try and get one or two more stories done by the end of the day...
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