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Your eyes saw the blue glint in his hue, it was filled with mysterious wonder as his voice calm and collective. The smile he had was nice and perfect to you, as his touch was gentle. Your hums filled his room, the many kisses you shared as the black abyss took you in welcomed arms.
"princess." he'd call you as his head hid in the crook of your neck, his breath make your spine shiver in cold. "Leo..."  you'd say as the giggles erupted from your throat. Nothing could ruin the moment.
But as usual, the click of a camera had disturbed the peace with laughter fallowing the sound.
Well it was nice while it lasted...
Dates were much different than cuddling together and naming eachother, usually you and leo would always find a way to fit it with you busy schedules. School work and patrol would get in the way as when ever one of you had free time the other was busy, leo would schedule a night under the stars or a dinner at murakami's.
And as usual he'd have everything in check,meaning no brother to ruin the date,no school work to be done, nor any 'last minutes' of any kind.Unless of course it was extremely important, then he'd have to leave early and try to make time for next time, though he love you dearly you'd understand that his family was first priority.
That's why you loved him.
sorry if that wasn't what you'd want but I hope this is good enough...
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