The Only Way(edited)

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Donnie x insane!reader (I'm so sorry!)
You stood there as the blood of your parents had dripped down the sharpened metal as your face held a blank stare. Your short figure was splattered with the red liquid, thier bodies lay on the now stained carpet with a gash on one body as the other had a hole within her head.
"...this is the only way to stop" You whispered.
The memory was a lingering picture that had burned into your skull, almost too visible to your liking.
Your lying figure was covered in a black jacket as well as a pair of bark pants/jeans caked with dirt and bits of red on your face. You awaited for any more trouble, a scream made a smile rest on your lips as you bounced up and locate the helpless.
Your feet landing on the ground safely before hiding behind the dumpster and slowly making your way to the gang members that call themselves 'Purple Dragons'.
As soon as you were at range, you swung your leg to trip one of the three before implanting the blade into his skull and ripping it out with blood dripping from the reflective metal and striking the skinnier man's torso. The buff gang members could only see to the corner of his eye before the knife had jabbed through his heart and falling onto his knees.
Your eyes looking down at the body before looking over to the woman, her trembling body leaning into the wall as your eyes averted to the purse on the ground. Throwing the bag towards her direction, you huffed while stretching out. She ran out of the alleyway with the feeling of you chasing after her.
"Alright, now to deal with the bodies... dumpster sounds good... but trash day is tomorrow so..." you thought as you rubbed your thumb over your chin, blood smearing onto your skin. Blood breard being formed.
A thump of someone landing made you look back to see a pair of brown eyes staring at you with a mix of emotions.
Fear, confusion and... anger?
This wasn't what you'd usually see in strangers who'd happen to see you during or after the fact you had killed men -or sometimes even women- with thier blood on you.
"Why?" He growled, his figure now visible.
"Well, Mr. Turtle, I just think it's more appropriate for those who had wronged to be put in thier place, it's the only way they really learn." You smirked, his weapons slowly began to unstealth as he gotten ready to battle you and make you see the other side.
"That isn't right, mercy is a better way to tell them -" "that you don't have the guts to hurt the thieves and abusers, those who physically and verbally hurt others? Please! I'd rather have them sent to Hell and burn than be alive and doing more damage from that pathetic second chance and being blamed for not taking care of the problem. As they say, if your not apart of the solution..." you said, pointing the cutlery to the mutant,"You're apart of the problem."
Before he could get any further, you pounced, knife in hand. The smile on your face only reduced you a scowl as the turtle moved back only slicing the ends of the purple fabric. "Hold still, it will make this so much easier! You dammed-" he kneed your stomach, spit and blood had escaped your mouth. "Don't you think that people would learn to not do more damage, when you let them go?" He said as you gripped the fabric of the hooded jacket. Your brows furrow, a crooked smile plastered on your face, hearing the weapon of his drop to the ground you clenched your weapon,"...idiot..." Your whisper was barley audible as the turtle was about to touch your shoulder you swung the blade at him viciously.
"Humans are sinful creatures who are not able to just stop something that could just stop thier ways!" The mutant fell, his eyes looking up to your crazed figure, the menacing smile and red coated blade in hand. Defenceless and unable to reach for his weapon, he crawled back into the wall "Those monsters you call 'people' have sinned, even if you think that it's natural for the world to have these creatures that the so called 'God' had created and had bowed down to them! WE WERE NEVER MENT TO SURVIVE IN THE FIRST PLACE!!" You were about to stick the blade into his skull, your hand stopped as it barely touched his scaly skin. "But, then again... your not one of them..." you muttered led to yourself. Almost not noticing a short, freckled turtle nearing you with his own blade.
"Fine," You began, the younger turtle suddenly stopped in his tracks as he held up the weapon," this 'mercy', I'm giving you the chance to run." Glaring at the purple banded turtle, before nearly striking his freckled brother. "Now, are you with him before I slit your throat and letting you bleed out..." The shorter freckled teen slowly scooted near to his elder brother, laughing nervously.
Glaring at the boys, you huffed and waved them off, " take care of the bodies for me since you wasted my time... I'll be seeing you, uh, around?" He looked at the young brother before looking up to your walking figure.
"K, bye"
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I'm so sorry!!!! I didn't realize that I did the wrong turtle!!! I was scrambled when I wrote it probably... :,( forgive me!

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