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Reader x Raphael
(Y/N) waited outside of her window, her (dress/blouse) being straighten out. Her (e/c) eyes laying on the black band that had been wrapped around her right ring finger, it's shine from the lights of both morning and city. She sighed, going back in her room, the murmurs of curses and swears under her breath had gotten her to think of how to avoid the feeling of something that would have broken he relationship between the turtle and her.
Maybe it was she had been keeping track of the time and day, plus she would always mark the day they would be going out on a date. Was it because Raphael was busy?... his job of helping the city was something he can't be distracted from his duty to go on a date. This was possible.
She decided to head towards the lair and wait from him there, yes, he must be on patrol!
She stood at the entrance of the lair, staring at the red banded turtle sit on the couch lazily as if there wasn't a thing to do in the world, though his eyes shifted from the ceiling to the girl. His green emeralds looking at her for a moment before smirking slightly, "hey, (y/n)! Come on and-" a shoe was thrown at his face, unfortunately for Raphael he didn't notice it heading towards his way, so his green skin had a red print of her sole. The others were in shock of the unfolding scene.
"How fucking dare you forget! You piece of shit!!"
Raph looked at her with complete confusion, before realizing that he had forgotten about thier date.
"Babe,-" he tried to say before (y/n) interrupted him.
"We're done!" She shouted, tears running down her cheeks.
(Y/N) left the tunnels to the surface, not bothering to get her shoe back or respond to the others.
She sniffed, trying to calm down before a pair of arms gently wrapped around her sobbing figure.
There was silence, not awkward but comfortable silence.
"I'm sorry...I forgot...again, can you forgive me?" He asked as he turned her around, seeing her face.
"Okay, one more chance"
Ah I'm the worst I'm so sorry I'll try to finish up this week or the next I just have school and stuff so I'm busy most of the time with projects and homework. ;^;

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