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Raphael x Male!Reader
I banged my head on the locker, relieving pain and stares of other students, I repeated the noizy bangs. "What the Hell are you doing?..."
The voice made me turn around to the one and only, April O'Neil, who had the most confused look on her face "when the fuck did you cuss?" She huffed, crossing her arms and leaning onto one side. "Okay, okay!... It's raph-" she began to squeal. Gripping onto my arms and looked up excitedly at me, her eyes widen as I uncomfortably hold onto myself.
But it hadn't he last as she slapped a tissue on my face, "What the fuck?!" I rubbed my nose, checking if had began bleeding. Well, good fucking well! I scowled at the red head who looked apologetic and pointed toward my forehead. Right, must've made my head bleed. I walked towards the nurse."bye O'Neil, see you after school!"
But fell after walking a few feet from my original spot.
*Time skip *
My head felt like there was miniature miners trying to make the tunnel though my brain. I groaned as Donnie handed me some painkillers to ease the pain, he suggested that I shouldn't be moving around so much. Which means I wouldn't be going on portal.
"How did you manage to even able to make that much damage to your skull by hitting your self with a locker?" He muttered, his finger tying away at the keyboard. "Well I was determined to give myself amnesia, which obviously didn't work." I joked as he sighed, not amused at the excuse. I dropped my arms to the side, my head hung back.
"It's Raphael... I cannot get him out of my head! Like he is stuck in my head!," I lifted my head towards the genius waving my arms wildly "Tattooed to my skull and I can't get him out!" I almost yelled, but kept the whispering tone. Donnie looked at me, then behind me, "fuck me" I muttered. Knowing full well that Raphael was listening this whole time...
"Sure, if you want..."
"You ass! Not literal!"
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