Radioactive Spider

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Donnie x Shy!Reader
Sorry ... ;-;
You stared at the black dot in the bath tub, you slowly backed up from the tiled floor room. Your head hug as you shut the bathroom door, inhaling the somewhat clean air in the hallway, you walked towards the living space of the turtle's lair. You sat awkwardly as you saw Leo watch space heroes, Raph in the corner reader his magazine as Mikey looked up a few anime shows with April and Casey looking over his sholder. You knew he was in his lab working on a project of his, like always. Not bothering to mention the gigantic arachnid in the restroom, you began to look up a few things on social media to see anything new. It was a quite day like this that relaxed you the most.
You felt the need to pee, but too scared to face the spider again, you stood and walked up to the lab. The mess of papers and burn marks on the floor, your eyes then came up to the sleeping turtle that had won your heart. You faintly smiled, walking towards his small restroom, you opened the door to a crack. Seeing the spotless room, you huffed to see a spider free poop chamber.
Donatello stretched out his limbs as he awoken from his nap, stretching his legs, he walked to the bathroom to wash up. But as soon as he opened the door to you pulling up your pants and seeing your underwear.
Your face was a red beat red as you stared at your crush who looked at your (f/c) panties and back at you. That's when you decides to throw the bar of soap in his face, he slammed the door and yelled out "I'M SO SORRY!"
"Stupid radio active spider!"
Again I'm sorry...
Today I'm making the Mikey x reader lemon and probably another one but I'll have to update on Friday or Saturday of next week if I don't get to all of the request this week. Sorry...
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