(all) they find your tickle spots Pt.1

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Your tired figure had rested upon the ragged couch of the turtles, of course they weren't the ones who had saved you. You saved their leader in blue, Leonardo, and he repaid you by letting you have his trust, which you thought he gave too easily...
But anyways, he had been giving April a training session so she'd be a female ninja and give leo a way for him to train others.
Being the one to work most of the time, you would 'rest your eyes' and asked to not be bothered, having to be living in an orpanage, you'd be restless. Suddenly, you felt hands on your sides, flipping them over you. "ow..." the turtle in blue had moaned as he tried to sit up, opening your eyelids you saw him on the floor, panicked, you helped him up apologizing repeatedly, "I'm alright (y/n), really you were just surprised!" he said surrendering to you. Sighing you nodded a bit, having hands to your sides you looked up to see the turtle close to you. "Leo?..." you asked before your laugher had eurupted from you.
Your sides being twickled by two three fingered hands.
Atleast your not bord anymore...
The day had been slow but there was only one thing to do other than lay around and sleep or watch space heroes all day, bother the hot head.
but that uaully end with you being locked out of his room, constantly calling his name.
Then again you were going to die from bordom...
Getting up from the pathed couch, you walke towards the rooms and to the door with a cetain stop sign on it. "Knock,knock! Hey, hot-stuff, got something to do?" you questioned the door seeing if there was a anger issued tutetkle.
Sighing you leaned on the door not expectin it to open it's self, but it stangly did, fallig onto the ground you made a 'oof' sound as your eyes adjusted to the darkkness of this room. Supringly empty.
Walking n you looked around, seeing the drum set, posters, and the tank of the normal tur-tortus?-spike.
... Might as well sleep on a bed...
Waking to a door slamming shut, your eyes widen to the turtle you've been looking for you had gotten the glimpse of his red mask, before going back to your closed eyes,pretending to sleep. Faking a moan and stir, his body whipped around to you 'sleeping' on his bed.
His thoudhts were filled with sudden toughts of confusion Why is she in my bed? How did she get in? Why is she sleepin on my damn bed???
Going up to your body, kneeling to your form he fist poked your sholder to see if you were even going to wake up.
poke. ... a thought of getting you off came in to mind. poke.poke.poke.poke.
"Stop!s-stop!" You luaghed out turning the other way you still felt him poke your side appteming to get you off of his sleep cushion.
"HAHA,okay! Okay!"
Okay I know it's not all of them brothers but I will make another part because I will finish this I'm just a bit sick and my head usually gets mushed up so sorry but part two will come out!
thanks for understanding...

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