Last Laugh... WHAT?!

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All turtles x reader
You were entering the main room from the kitchen as you saw your turtle friend that gave you a hard laugh, ralking to his brother, the perfect moment for a sneak attack! seeking up to his shell, you singled his brother to not say anything, making him chuckle.
Your fingers scratched the hard surface of his shell, feeling him jump a bit gave you the feeling of success.
Until you heard the most embarrassing sound that made you both blush. "Mmm~" he freaking moaned!
Blushing you stumbled back a bit, his brother holding laughter in. The mutant turned towards you, with a red face putting <his/raph's> mask to shame. Laughing nervously, you walked back a bit more before running off.
Well, it's close...
Sorry it's short, happy new years everybody!
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