My Mouse

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Yandere! Donnie x Shy!Reader
His devilishly smile upon your frame made you shift uncomfortably in your spot, looking away from his brown murderous eyes. His bloody hands reached towards your cheek, you flinched away at the cold, red liquid touched your (s/c) skin. Cringing at the metallic flavored fluid staining the clothing you wore, as it dripped down your cheek. Your eyes looking down at the pool you had been sitting on, your (pants/skirt) soaking up the plasma. It sickened you that he went so far as to hurt his own father to get your love, it sickened you that he would kill to have you by his side.
The thought made you want to run from this- this monster! He took you from every thing you loved, family and friends!
"(Y/n)~, my little mouse~" he hummed, that fucking nick name. He was covered in blood, of whos? You'd never know.
You stayed quit, as always, not wanting to slip out anything.
"Such a quit mouse~! Wound of you stay quit six feet under...."
I will do two tomorrow then I will have done everything.
Sorry if it's not what you wanted, and made it so short!
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