Tickle Spots pt.2

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you practically yell as you stare at the hole in your desktop. A hole.
Mikey's head was in his shell, hiding in fear of your rath that will be upon him. Plus an ice pack with kittens on it.
Anyways, you huffed as you bandaged his arm, that had made the hole, as you glare at the freckled teen. "Why...?" He didn't answer, he hugged you before nuzling into your neck. ..."Pffft!"
"Ahhaha! Stop! Okay, okay! Haha!"

"Stop, I almost got it!"
Finally, a clank was heard as the small metal bullet had rolled towards two others that had dried fluid. Donnie sighed in relief of the pained groans had stopped, you on the other hand was enraged. "Could have been gentler!" You sneered, pulling you shirt down and being relieved yourself as you had to face him as he took out the bullets of your stomach. "Be greatfull, if it weren't for me you'd have bleed to death!""Be lucky I'm not in full energy." You scowled, making the turtle gulp.
You had gotten your wound cleaned and sewd, the worst part is that you have to not be moving much. So no training with the turtles nor any potrol.
Closing your eyes you thought you'd get some shut eye, only to be awaken by the loud, freckled mutant.
"AWSOME!" You groaned as they shushed him, "no, it's alright. I not getting any sleep anyways..." you sat up but was quickly held back down by the brains, his scowl made you glare back. " Don't move or-" moving his hands gently to your sides you gasp before slamming your fist onto his jaw. "D-dont touch me like that!" You shouted, a cracked smile on your lips.
Donnie rubbed his chin, looking over to you and chuckling.

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