(edited) Empty Shells

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Leo x shy/suicidal!Reader
I sighed, the wind of New York City had made you hair swish around as the water of the large ocean. My eyes lingering to the reflection of myself, my face was slightly bruised and my clothing had dirt and stains of multiple liquids. I had tied my ankle to a cement block, my height would probably make me float up. Picking up the heavy stone and slowly walked towards the end of the board walk, a voice called out to me.
He stopped me.
Of all of the people of this earth who had never spoke a word to me, or abused me, or taunted me... Leonardo had convinced me to not take a step further as I hesitantly took one towards him. I had fallen, fallen into the turtle's arms and began to, slowly, crawl out of the broken shell.

Now, that the others and I had been traveling throughout space to find the Heart of Darkness but we were unsuccessful as they had all of the pieces, the professor confessed that he was the one who created the Blackhole Generater. I wasn't really much on his side anyway, having to get back in my cracked shell as everything that I had on earth was swallowed through the deep nothingness of a black hole.

"Leo," I called, following him as he walked into the space pod. My voice cracked and quiet as I hesitantly put my hand on his sholder, making him glance at me before looking at the control panel. "Idoit, you have a team. You are a leader who is su-supposed to lead a t-team!" I yelled, my throat burned for I hadn't talked in these months since I've seen the earth be swallowed by a blackhole. He looked at me with a blank face, "G-go lead that team of yours to vi-victory, and stop the triceratons from starting that-that generator." I smiled, my face felt like boiling as I encouraged the blue banded turtle, who smiled back, nodding. Knowing he had to be with the others to save earth and the others.
"Your right, I'm sorry..." he walked passed me, my hands gripping into fists as he had both feet out of the way of the doors.



My feet tapped the metal as the bangs and yells of the eldest turtle tried to open the door to no avail. My cracked smiled stayed on my face as I silently prayed to what ever God was there any more to protect the brothers, protect Leo...
Everything else was a blur, I couldn't remember much as I had floated in the nonexistent gravity. My eyes widen as the bits of metal tapped onto the glass of my helmet. The glass shattered and my insides felt frozen, oxygen was gone and all I could see was Leonardo's figure coming closer.

The darkness consuming her vision.


(Y/N)'s eyes widen as she was jumped by leonardo, sobs had seem to escape his lips as he held her tighter. Her head had so many questions, why did he save her? Why isn't he made? Why is he hugging her?. She couldn't wrap her head around this, pushing the Leo off of her, she looked into his eyes seeing that there was something she recognized, the same look that she saw when ever he looked at her in the eyes whenever they were alone. But she never could put what he was thinking. It felt like she shouldn't be looking into it, like this would change something. That she might not think of the right thing to assume. "I failed you... I couldn't get you on time and-and I thought-" he let tears stream down before gulping in his guilt and said "I thought I could have saved you from yourself, but I guess I didn't see it."
She said nothing as his hands grabbed onto her cheeks and placed his lips onto hers. Leonardo felt that he had lost her for good, that she would never return to him.
He felt so happy that she was returned to him. So at peace of her presence with him again.
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