The Letter

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Casey was talking to April as I neared, the folded paper within the envelope was clutched within my palms. I anxiously neared the raven haired boy, the sweat beating down my fore head, but I felt as this shouldn't be done. Then suddenly, i was pushed towards the hockey player, looking back I saw April give me a thumbs up as she ran out of the hallway.

"uh, hia (name). Wh-whats up?" he asked, I said nothing. My face felt as if it would burn an egg, he rubbed his neck nervously. Out of embarrassment, I shoved the letter onto his chest and ran away. I ran as fast as I could, not wanting to see be rejected face-to-face.

3rd pov

Casey looked at the letter in his hands, tearing the top with his thumb. The folded paper within the envelope was lifted up within the Jones' thumb and pointing finger before unfolding and reading the cursive writing.
Dear Arnold Casey Jones,
I hope this doesn't change any thing between us, I want to say something to you but I'd rather do it like this to not face my rejection by physically being there... I am writing this to say that I really want to be your partner, as in a relationship with you and me having passionate feelings about one and other. You know what I mean, like boys kissing girls just with thier lips touching instead of the cheeks.
If you want to share this feeling with me then come to my apartment, if not then don't. You have until the end of the day, Jones, I hope this doesn't make our friendship into something to us become strangers to eachother.
Yours truly,
Casey had shoved the paper within his pocket before speeding to your side, his bike being parked beside the school. Rushing to get the two wheeler, he jumped on and peddled to the road, receiving honks and yells to his ears. Not caring for what ever was thrown to him. Determined to reach your door and hold you in his arms and have you be his. Needing your loving and caring.
His speed was whipping fliers and light objects towards him as well as the sound of the air pushing against him blew into his ear. The strength of his force to his wanted destination was presumed to (Y/N)'s patients. The door had neared him, the screech of the tires made black markings on the sidewalk.
He knocked onto the door, a girl with (h/c) and sparkling (e/c) had opened the door. Eyes widen as he jumped on her, planting a smiling kiss onto her lips.
A bit short, and late but I hope you like it!
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