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The sounds of metal on metal had echoed through the area of Manhattan as lasers where shot with pink light being shot up and to the side of the ally. Her angered growls were eched off the walls, as she smacked the metal bat against the kranng's robotic mead. The pink lights of the alien dimmed, she bore her menicing eyes at the kranng robot, then she  averted them to the white truck. The inside had a boy, specifically the boy she was babysitting, her figure barley made it to the vehicle when an idiot kranng grabbed her by the hair. She squeaked, her balance faltering and the bot pulling her ruffly, eyes above widen at the actions of the alien. Burning with rage, he plummeted down to the ground level and slashing his three sphereed weapon onto the back of the metal amor with a small grunt. His green gems gone as white had absorbed them, the red cloth wrapped around his head had stood out from the dark shade of green.(name) had sat on her pockets, rubbing the sore head then looking up towards the mutant. Her eyes not leaving him, marveled at the brute stragnth and movements. Sting but held back. Then remembered the boy in the truck, Crap!
Running off to the white van, then opening the door to reveal the child, sitting cross legged and two bots laying on the back of the trucks floor...
"Should I-"
"Not really."
Looking back to the alley seeing the angered turtle grumbling to himself, grabbing the kid's hand she walk to the turtle. His gaze now on her, smirking for a moment before he had her knuckles bullying his nose.
"That's the closest to a kiss from her, brah." Smart a-
"Later, turkey." she waved, her cheeksinged pink.
-time skip-
It's been a month and he hadn't left her alone.
The turtle had demanded to be thanked properly!
But to his demise, she refused. Other than having to have been 'hanging out' with the turtle teen (if beating the crab out out kranng and foot counts) she grew to his good side.
But today was different. Sunday, January the 23rd. You had called him to come over.
He's a half an hour late...
"Turkey..."she growled, the cold night felt as if she had been sleeping in the freezer. (Which she actually know of.) The red clad turtle finally arrived, heaving as (name) shivered slowly turning to a human icicle, then again she only had her thin sweater on. "Turkey... what t-toke s-s-so long?"
Red made his way to his cheeks, starting to blend this mask, his hands behind his shell. Then quickly taking out (fav. item), cheesy but nice...
He then pulled out a index card, practically shoving it in to her face.
Furrowing her brows at the thick paper, (name) hesitantly took it before reading it's contexts.
"Coul- couldn't just say it???" she shivered, her glare at the turtle. "Yes, you understand-"
He now looked at (name) with a spectacle expression. Did she just-
"Sure j-just pick me up next week at 10, if I don't get sick..."
leaving the blushing turtle out with her window closed, he then blinked.

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