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Love That Lies (Raph X reader) by multixfandcm
Love That Lies (Raph X reader)by xxx
hey it's another raph x reader hope you like also your a mutant wolf
  • tmnt
  • tmntfan
  • raphxreader
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Mikey One-Shots by Lil-Mikey
Mikey One-Shotsby Mikester🧡
TMNT 2012 Mikey One-Shots Mainly fluff and brotherly love 💗
  • tmnt2012
  • tmnt
  • donnie
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TMNT x reader oneshots by foxtyper01
TMNT x reader oneshotsby Mari Arte
requests are open ♤♡♢♧ TMNT DOES NOT BELONG TO ME
  • april
  • tmntxreader
  • leo
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TMNT Big Sister Scenarios. by Lexi_girl_
TMNT Big Sister Scenarios.by Lexi_girl_
This is where you can be the big sister of the beloved teenage mutant ninja turtles. You all go through embarrassing times, while you grow up. This will be: Funny Sad Ha...
  • fluff
  • bigsister
  • donatello
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Textual contact by JarOfFangirl
Textual contactby ✏️𝕵𝖆𝖗𝕺𝖋𝕱𝖆𝖓𝕲𝖎𝖗𝖑
Leonardos the first to text u accidently. But soon the other turtles find out and want to know who you are. They dont know you and you dont know who or what they are. 2...
  • tmntxreader
  • tmnt
  • raphael
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Mikey's Sick Day by samie326
Mikey's Sick Dayby Midnight Princess
Mikey gets hurt from Raph. What happens when we runs away and meets a mysterious person in the sewer?
  • leonardo
  • hamato
  • splinter
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 🍁• Welcome To My World - A TMNT Human AU Fanfiction •🍁 by JJxoxc
🍁• Welcome To My World - A TMNT...by 🦋 • Jasmine • 🦋
High school. It's a hard time in one's life. It's much harder when you have two triplet brothers who are in the opposite clique as you. High school involves friends...
  • sof
  • raphie
  • leo
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New dimension by loveTMNT2012
New dimensionby loveTMNT2012
Hi guys this is new dimension a totally new book for you guys to read and for me to write so I'm not going to say that much because it all is written in the book piece b...
  • april
  • don
  • karai
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A Duel in the Bedroom 🍋 by greekgeekofmlp
A Duel in the Bedroom 🍋by greekgeekofmlp
This is pretty much a lemon book for the School for Good and Evil series, these are different ships ,so please keep in mind that people will ship one thing and you don't...
  • sedros
  • sort
  • sagatha
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25 Days [TMNT] by asandygraves
25 Days [TMNT]by A Tired Dork
25 Raporn drabbles taking place on the first 25 days of December. Though this story does have Christmas-related chapters, for the most part, it's just winter fluffiness...
  • 2012tmmt
  • ocxraph
  • raph
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My Little Sister; Defender of NYC ( Jones' Little Sister Book 2) by ThatWriter1399
My Little Sister; Defender of NYC...by J
Jill is having some personal problems with her fiance, parents, and herself in general. She starts doing something that lets her release anger, frustration, and sadness...
  • jilly
  • ayameboo
  • leobear
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TMNT Raphanardo SHORT STORY: A cold night by kuroganetakashi
TMNT Raphanardo SHORT STORY: A col...by um
[Set in 2k12 universe] Raph and Leo are watching Space heroes when suddenly Leo needs some warmth from his brother,Raphie. See what happens later in the story! Rated: 1...
  • yaoi
  • oneshot
  • teenagemutantninjaturtles
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TMNT Truth Or Dare by GloriaUniverse
TMNT Truth Or Dareby GloriaUniverse
  • truth
  • don
  • donnie
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☁️ • Stuck In Daydreams - A TMNT Human Au Fanfiction • ☁️ by JJxoxc
☁️ • Stuck In Daydreams - A TMNT H...by 🦋 • Jasmine • 🦋
The Hamato siblings are in high school. Read along as they go through bullying, romance, and all the 'joys' high school can bring. Popularity might test the bonds of th...
  • donatello
  • tmntlovestory
  • tmnt2012
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Tmnt Truth Or Dare! Whoa! by Lighingbug
Tmnt Truth Or Dare! Whoa!by Butterycup
Topical truth or dare! おひよ がじま!ー Hopefully, that means good morning! Anyway. Comment truths or dares for me and the Gang to answer! It'll be great. I promise. :P
  • donnie
  • leo
  • mikey
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Who Would've Ever Known? by LeBookWriterOfAnime
Who Would've Ever Known?by Gwen Hatake
Gwen ends up getting captured by the Kraang, then gets saved by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Read and find out what happens on Gwen's adventure away from home.
  • raphie
  • mikey
  • leo
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Another world (TMNT Love Story) by leo-bear_lover
Another world (TMNT Love Story)by leo-bear_lover
When Katie goes missing and nobody does anything about it. Well after two weeks Rachael goes looking for her.what she finds maybe more than she asked for. When she meet...
  • leonardo
  • michealanglo
  • donatello
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Secretly in Love by HawaiianKayHamato
Secretly in Loveby renae386
Hey what's happening everyone? This is HelloKittyChibiLover. And this fanfiction story is about a girl who lives in New York and falls in love with a teenage mutant ninj...
  • fanfics
  • kisses
  • hugs
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BOOYAKASHA by Michelangelo475
This story is about how Mikey meets a girl who tutors people and Donnie decides for her to tutor Mikey(mostly 'cause Mikey is the social one and likes new friends) and M...
  • hopefully-it-is-funny
  • miwa
  • raph
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