Raph x shy!reader

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Requested by @TMNT-Girl18
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Things hadn't been the slightest best for the day, failed most of my tests,gotten my bag fought on fire with my homework inside -though no idea how that happened...- had detention, plus being out late at night!
Even now, being harassed by the purple dragons.
"Look, girl, give us the money or else!" Fong said as my eyes had been looking down hoping something would get you out of this mess, "I'm s-sorry I - well I don't have any-" I was cut off by the man's hand pulling my arm behind me, the pain making me cringe. "Sweetheart, you're much to pretty to even-oof!"
The restriction on my arm was gone, I felt some stinging, knowing there would be bruising. I slightly rubbed it as the sounds of grunts and growls, looking over I saw something I didn't think I would ever look away to.
A giant turtle mutant with sharp salad tongs.
My eyes had stared at the reptile until he had locked eyes with me for a split second, before I looked down and slightly blushed of my rudeness. Shivering in fear that it will come after me next, I thought of the ways this would end up. Tears threaten to escape their prison, I kept looking down with my fingers clinging onto the hem of the sleeves of my large hood.
"What's wrong?" It asked. Sounded annoyed...
Looking up, seeing the green emeralds were mesmerizing... "Thanks?..." Shit! Biting my lip I looked over to the side as he furrowed his nonexistent brows. "S-sorry..." I apologized,tightening my grip on my sleeves, we were at least three yard apart . Yet I whispered.
"Strange, usually by now you'd be screaming bloody murder by now..." he mutters, confused of my actions. I look at him, scream? But I'm so used to mutants... I thought as he thought hard of my shyness.
"Na-name's (name)." I stuttered. This is a start.

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