The "G" Word

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Shy!Reader x Mikey
I felt the uncomfortable feeling of thier stares on me as Michelangelo stood in front of me, "HE-HEY guys-uh- I just wanted you guys to meet (y/n)." He trembled under thier intense glare. Which did nothing to help my terrified mind.
His brothers having to be taller than both of us made it even worst as I had no advantage of having any confidence to even look at them. Thier arms crossed and leaning over us, one said "You know nobody else should know about us, and you still drag and innocent civilian into this?!" His voice a low growl.
"I-" Mikey was interrupted by my panicked action, " It's not his fualt!" My face exploding in red as they stared at me with blue, brown and green eyes. "Ithroughmytextbookoutmywindow onenightandhegothitintheheadsooutofguiltItookcareofhisinjury!..." I took in a big breath to not die from lack of oxygen. Thier eyes now wide and Mikey's smile on his face made me even more embarrassed than I had previously been.
But before I could apologize for the outburst I heard thier laughter erupt from the silence.
Mikey sling his arm over my sholder, making me relax a bit, but the blushing was still on face as he pecked my cheek.
"Damn, and she was cute too!"
"Oh come on raph, she's been off the market for a while plus too late to get the refund!"
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