Chapter XXXIV

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I manage to sleep a bit more after watching the fallen tributes. The dehydration is making me really weak. I wake up before Tabitha wakes everyone up, though. Divya is the first to wake up, Kellen falls asleep over and over again until Tabitha refuses to leave his side and keep shaking him until he's up.

"Let's eat some of the bread." Divya says.

Divya reaches inside of her back and takes four loaves of bread out, she zips the bag again and gives a bread to each one of them, first to Kellen, who still looks sleepy, then to Tabitha and finally to Ryle. But she almost drops the loaves in her hands when she gets to him. I don't know what freaked her out but it must not be good.

"What happened to you?" She squeals and I hear Ryle sighing.

"What is going on?" Kellen asks and stands up to check, followed closely by Tabitha.

The two of them approach Ryle and Divya, when they finally take a good look at Ryle their eyes get wide opened in shock. I can't see it from my place in the bush, but Ryle's trousers are stained with both, dried and wet blood.

"When did it happen?" Kellen asks.

"At the bloodbath." Ryle answers after he sighs one more time. "The boy from twelve did it, I almost killed him but he got away after he did this to me."

"And you haven't cleaned it since then?" Tabitha exclaimed horrified.

"I cleaned it while we swam to this side, the salt helps heal wounds but it hasn't stopped bleeding." Ryle says. "I cut a piece of fabric from my jacket and wrapped it around my leg, it only helped a bit."

"Why didn't you tell us?" Divya asks.

"I thought it wasn't as bad." Ryle lies.

"Ryle, that is bad, pretty bad, actually." Kellen tells him. "It's kind of really deep too."

"Isn't it getting infected?"

"I don't know, Taby." Ryle says. "I hope not."

"I hope not too, but it doesn't look so good." Says Tabitha, or Taby as they call her.

"Can you walk?" Divya asks him.

"I can, don't worry about me."

"You should have told us, though." Tabitha says, going to get her backpack. "I have alcohol and some bandages here."

Divya goes back to where Ryle is and kneels next to him with the things she needs in hand. Divya walks away from them and sits close to her own backpack and sleeping bag, looking a bit sick.

"Do you want Kellen to do it?" Tabitha asks Ryle. "The cut is on your thigh so I can't just roll your trousers up, you have to unbutton them and pull them back a bit."

"I don't mind, if you don't." Ryle says, he sounds a bit nervous, though.

Kellen and Tabitha pull Ryle's trousers down to his knees, Ryle helps them a bit too. It seems the cut looks worse than with the trousers covering it. Ryle groans and pants as his trousers rub the cut. Tabitha applies the alcohol and some medicine to it, Ryle screams at that point. Kellen helps keep Ryle down as Tabitha keeps working on the cut.

"There you go." Tabitha says. "Let's wait about twenty minutes so the medicine can be absorbed and that will give us time to eat."

"I don't know about you, but I don't feel like eating anymore." Divya says, she's about seven feet away from them.

"Then keep watch, some other tributes might have heard those screams and will think someone is hurt." Kellen snaps at her.

"Someone is actually hurt." Tabitha says.

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