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**Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.**
-Albert Einstein

Then Ryle and I are taken inside the Justice Building and we are led into two different rooms. This is the time I have to say farewell to my family and friends. I pace the room for like three minutes until finally someone visits me, which is quite shocking. I thought no one was going to come.

"Danieka." My father's voice is cold, it gives me chills. "I wanted you to be in the games but not at this moment, you are not ready."

I say nothing. I can't even look him in the eye. The eyes that are exactly like my own. I want to cry, to beg him to rescue me. But I can't. It would make everything worse and it isn't like he could do anything about it. He's an important man but not that important.

"I know you will not walk out of that arena as a victor." He says in a business-like-tone. "But I expect you to not dishonour our family, our district. You have to do well in those games until you die. You can't go without a fight."

Even though I knew I won't be the victor of this year since my name was picked, specially having someone like Ryle as a tribute too, hearing his cold words hurt, they feel like hundreds of knives stabbing me. I haven't even gone to the capitol, and I am already dead. My dad's words killed me worse than any weapon could. And the worst thing is that his face shows no emotions, he doesn't even care that I will die.

He has my brother. He is so much better than me but I never imagined that losing his only daughter would mean nothing to him. Or to my mother and my brother. Who apparently didn't even bother to come to say good-bye.

I don't look at my father at all, the last time I saw him was when I was standing on the stage right after I was reaped. I know there is disappointment in his eyes. If I look at him, I will lose it and break down right in front of him. So I don't. He takes a deep breath before I hear him walk out of the room, closing the door as he leaves. No good-bye, no good-luck wish. Just nothing, I feel the tears threating to fall but I don't let them, I can't cry now.

I have no other visitors. Time passes and the next thing I know is that I am being taken to the train. The train that is going to take me to the Capitol. The train that os going to take me to my death. Not crying was a good idea because the station is full of people waving at us and full of cameras. I pronanly look awful, while Ryle is smiling and waving back at them, like if he is already a famous celebrity or something like that.

Being from District 2, the ride isn't that long, only a few hours. It is better than those poor tributes from districts like 11 or 12. I don't even know how much time they tale to get to the Capitol, more than two days, three perhaps?

I'm supposed to change into more 'decent' clothes, but all I want to do is lie on the bed and maybe sleep for a while. But all I see when I close my eyes is me dying in different horrible ways.

I'm called for lunch and I walk out of my room, wearing one of the dresses I found in the wardrobe. It's purple and a bit fancy. Our mentors, Enebry and Ryle are already eating. I sit next to Ryle, because there is no other empty place. Ryle has already changed too. And I must admit he looks handsome.

"So we have decided we will train you separately." Brutus announces. "I will train with Danieka the first day and then we'll change and I'll train with Ryle the next day."

"Fine by me." Ryle says.

I only manage to nod. In our District, we have lots of victors, now mentors. Lyme and Brutus are our 'main' mentors this year. The rest just travels with us to watch the games at the Capitol, when you become a mentor you must go to the Capitol at least to watch the games.

"You must look good." Enebry says. "Don't forget to smile. You must win this people if you want sponsors."

"Enebry is right." Brutus joins in. "I want you to smile and wave at the crowd. I want you to be friendly and charismatic."

"Since we don't have much time left here, we will see the reaping later, once we get to the Capitol." Lyme says.

And after she said it, the train stops meaning we have arrived at the Capitol. People wearing extravagant colourful clothes are waving at us as we step out of the train. Their hairs are bright colours, some are green, others purple, some blue. They are all so weird, and I thought Enebry was weird. She's just normal compared to these people.

The buildings I can see from where I am standing, are so high and lit all around. The cars are also really weird and exotic. Only the richest people in our District have cars, and here everyone seems to have them. I can only think of two words to describe this place, different and overwhelming.

I try to smile as I was told to, but all I can do is moving my lips a bit. Not sure how to call that, but it isn't really a smile. Ryle on the hand is smiling a big smile, even winks at some girls before we are taken to a car that is there waiting for us, it takes to the place it will be our home for the next few days. The Training Centre. A building of twelve floors plus the basement and the lobby that has all we need, including our training for the games and an apartment we will share with our tribute partner, our mentors, our escort and probably our stylists and prep teams.

Something bad about being from District 2 is getting the floor number two. District twelve gets the twelfth floor, and therefore the best view of the Capitol. I wish we could trade. We can only see some other buildings, the street and some people walking by, nothing too exciting about that.


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