Chapter XXXV

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Rain. That's all it has happen for two days. Now I know why they are called rainforest, it rains all the bloody time. Sometimes it's just a gentle kind of rain, it's even nice and relaxing, if you can relax in the games, that is, but there are other times that it rains like there is no tomorrow, heavily and with thunder and lighting. I even have gotten a leak inside my cave.

Here in the cave, it has gotten pretty humid and cold. There has been no break with the rain. Besides, the grey clouds don't let the sunrays go through to warm us up, it has never been that light but we knew the sun was there because of the hot and the dull light we got.

Now it's even darker and the atmosphere is even depressing. But on the bright side even though I'm freezing, I'm dry. This cave has been a good shelter from the never-ending rain. When there are strong winds I get mild breezes that get me and my clothes a bit wet when I'm close to the entrance, but that's it. Nothing too big, I can't really complain.

I also have food so I don't need to go out looking for food and obviously I have more than enough water now. I wish I could have a blanket or a sleeping bag because of the cold, and the ground is hard and uncomfortable but I'm not complaining. I've already gotten enough.

With all the noise from the thunder and rain is almost impossible to hear the canons, so I have to drag myself to the edge of the cave every time the anthem plays so I can watch who has died, but these two nights I have been here in the cave, no one has died. I doubt anyone is hunting down the others, they are either looking for shelter, or if they have already found one, they are staying there, only going out if they actually need it.

When the rain is very light, I go out of my cave to pee. Now that I have water to drink, I have liquids inside of me that I need to get rid of. I can't allow my – home? Can I call it home? – To smell like pee from days before. It would be absolutely disgusting.

The fifth day brings a bit of sunshine and no more rain. It is pretty dark because the trees don't let the sunrays pass through them, but you can tell the difference. It has starting to get a bit warmer again too.

I go out of the cave with a sickle in hand, a knife and rope hanging by my belt. I need to pee and I have the chance to make some snares, so I take it. When I'm on the ground I notice the ground is flooded, the murky water reaches my calf, I'm glad now the boots are skin tight because my feet stay dried.

I do my business and walk away from my hiding place. There may be no animals now because of the water, but maybe a tribute will step into the snare and get trapped. The snares will be hidden under the water so they won't see them.

It takes me about two hours setting ten snares, they are about sixty-feet apart from the others. The snares may not be that good but they can work, and the murky water helps to hide them. I just have to remember where they are so I don't get trapped by my own snares and I can check them later to see if I caught something.

I'm just starting to set my eleventh snare when I hear voices. I abruptly stop what I'm doing, grab the rest of the rope and get ready with the sickle. I hide behind a tree and wait as the voices get louder. Two voices.

Two too familiar female voices. Tabitha and Divya, there is no doubt about it. I see the brunette girl and her blonde companion approaching. Tabitha looks pale and sick, while Divya looks irritated and angry, no surprise there. I didn't really expect that two Careers would be so sloppy by talking so loud, anyone close enough could hear them and attack them.

And where is Kellen and Ryle? I know the two of them are alive because no canon has fired since the second day. Maybe they got into a fight and the group got divided? That would be great for the other tributes, they could finish them off more easily, killing two is easier than four.

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