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Third POV

It's been a whole day since it started to rain no stop, and just like the last time it rained like that, there has been no deaths.

"Good afternoon, ladies and gentleman." Caesar says with his one-million dollar smile, taking advantage to talk about the Games and some facts now that nothing has happened.

Claudius starts the show by talking a bit about the rainforests, some of their characteristics, like the fauna and flora, the climate and that kind of stuff.

"So Claudius, I'm sorry to tell you but your first, second and third bet were wrong." Caesar tells him. "Zane Hay died, who you thought was going to win these Games and I don't blame you, lots of people thought he or his tribute partner would be the victor. Then you bet on Divya Clearwater, again it was a pretty nice bet, she had the potential to be the victor but she died and then you bet on Tabitha Peevie who died just yesterday, who do you think will be the Victor now?"

"Well I'm afraid to make another bet, Caesar. Every tribute I choose ends up dead." Claudius says with a chuckle. "But I think I have to choose one of the girls that form that strong alliance."

"Are you talking about Serena Abery, Ira Holloway and Delaney McCartney?"

"Yeah, those three." Claudius nods. "I don't know but I feel more confident about Serena and Ira than the girl from District 7, Delaney. She is good with the camouflage and some surviving skills but she is not good to kill, Serena is the leader so she must have some stronger qualities than the other two, so I think I will choose her, the girl from ten."

"That's a nice choice, Claudius. So far it seems like they are invincible, two out of the five that formed this alliance have died, three are still alive and they are doing pretty good. As we know Luciana died during the bloodbath and Carlieana died four days ago."

"That's right." Claudius says. "If Serena doesn't win then my second bet would be Ira, the girl from nine. What about you Caesar, who do you think will win?"

"It's hard to tell Claudius but I really want Kellen Astow and Danieka Hadley to be the last ones, I think it would be so dramatic that Kellen ends up killing the boy from District 4 and Kellen and Danieka keep together until the end, that would be an amazing end but pretty sad, I'm sure I would cry if that happens."

"Now, who do you think it will be the winner of these Seventy-two Hunger Games?" Claudius asks the audience.

Caesar and Claudius talk a bit more about the arena, about the animals, about some of the recent deaths and their killers and some other interesting facts while the audience sends their votes.

"Okay, time is up." Claudius says.

Then behind them, the names of the remaining tributes appear in order of their districts, and after their names, there is a number, meaning the percentage of the votes.

Serena Abery is in first place with 22% of the votes, Kellen Astow is in second place with 19%, Ira Holloway has 15% of the votes. The next one is Kade Weiss with 13% of the votes. Up next is Maisha with 12%, then Danieka Hadley with 7%, followed by Delaney with 6%, then with 4% of the votes is Caius Nixon and on the last place with less votes is Rhiane Galtone with only 2% of the votes.

"Well, Claudius, as you can see 22% of the people agree with you that Serena will win, and the one with the less votes is Rhiane Galtone from District 6." Caesar says. "What do you think influence those percentages? Why Serena is in first place?"

"Everything has an influence on that." Claudius says. "They have seen these tributes for twenty-two days now and they now what they are capable of. Maisha is the tribute that has caused more deaths but she is in fifth place just because she is not part of any alliance and she is a bit weak at the moment, if she kills someone else I'm sure that percentage will increase for her."

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