Finnick's POV

I see her fragile body through the screen of the bar Johanna wanted to go, Danieka is right next to Kellen, who is lying on the ground, bleeding to death.

"Goddamn it, Finnick!" Johanna exclaims pulling her hand away from mine, I have grabbed it long ago without even realizing it, and by the looks of it, I had been squeezing it way too hard because Johanna just keeps rubbing it with her other hand.

"I'm sorry." I murmur.

"She will be alright." She says to me, I only nod at her.

Some more minutes pass but nothing happens, Kellen is still lying on the ground, probably unconscious by now, and Danie is just by his side. She closes her eyes for a few seconds and her head jerks to the front but she opens her eyes again and tries to keep her head up, as if she is trying not to lose consciousness.

"Don't give up Danie!" I say softly, probably only Johanna hears me, if she hears me at all. "You are too close to give up now."

I feel how my heart skips a bit when I see her body slowly slipping to one side, the people in the bar gasp as her body falls to the ground, her head lands on top of Kellen's upper stomach. I don't realize it, but a tear has fallen down my face. Some more minutes pass, I don't know how many, they feel like eternity, as I see the boy from my own District, dead, and another Career tribute and Danie lying unconscious on the floor, both are only minutes away from death. A canon is heard, and for a moment I feel like I'm empty inside, I feel like everything I care about is gone, like all the happiness has slipped away from me.

"Ladies and gentleman, may I present the winner..." Claudius starts talking.

I'm too afraid to hear who the victor is, both, Kellen and Danie are lying on the ground without moving, either of them can be dead. What if it is Danie? I won't be able to bare it if she has died.

"Of the Seventy-two Hunger Games."

A hovercraft approaches them and quickly grabs and takes the two of them and Kade's body inside of it. Claudius still hasn't announced who has won, I hate when this happens, when the last two tributes are both slowly dying and either one of them can die, they usually take a while to announce the winner, mostly to make the audience grow impatience and anxious. They want to keep the excitement alive for a few more minutes. I have never felt this anxious about knowing who the

winner is, though. Most of the games I've watched like this, were about people I didn't care about, they weren't even from my own district so why would I care?

"Do you think she –" My voice trails off a bit. "– That she made it?"

"I don't know, Finnick." Johanna says sighing. "I really don't know, but she's a fighter. I have more hope on her than the boy."

While I'm technically having an emotional breakdown, the people around us and I'm sure most of the people here in the Capitol, are making bets of who has made it through. That's another reason why Claudius hasn't said the name of the winner, so people can speculate who has won and make bets with other people.

"This is sick." I think aloud, as I watch the people betting on either Kellen or Danie.

"I know." Johanna says. "If their kids and friends would be the ones killing each other they would not behave like this, I suppose. They are just heartless bastards."

The hovercraft is out of view and now we only see the empty arena for a while until they start airing some of the highlights of Kellen and Danie, starting with the reaping of each of them, the Tributes Parade and their interviews mostly, all this footage from several days ago takes about twenty minutes. Some ladies and even some guys shed some tears as Kellen's interview is showed right when he admits she likes Danieka, hmm, apparently they do have feelings.

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