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I stretch and yawn as I wake up, the day is cloudy making the rainforest darker than usual. It will probably rain later today, I hope I find another place it can give me shelter from the rain.

I spent the night up in a tree, there is no other place I feel safe but up in a tree, much better than being on the ground, sleeping and being vulnerable to whoever might be walking close to me. There were no dead tributes, two days have passed since Zane died, two days without any death.

For our own good, I do hope someone dies today. It may seem heartless and a bit harsh hoping someone dies, but if no one does there would be three days without deaths and the people at the Capitol may get bored and the Gamemakers will be forced to send mutts to kill us or something like that, and I really don't want that to happen.

By now my shirt is all dried so I put it on quickly and also put my jacket back on, this day the temperature is not that high as the other days, it's actually a bit chilly and windy.

I eat some more bread and an apple and drink almost half of one of the bottles I have, which makes me feel even more cold, I hug myself as I start to shiver a bit.

I decide to start moving, that will warm me up again and I will be closer to the cave with every step I take. I really hope to make it before night falls. I don't really want to spend the night on a tree again, especially if it rains.

On my way back, I find several small mammals, four bright-coloured lizards, lots of birds and a snake that tried to bite me. I can normally hear the animals but I never see them, at least not so many. I also see a jet black spider making its web, its body is so big and its legs are fat and long, it's so scary. I have never seen a spider so big in my life.

I keep walking away from all those animals, I don't want to die because of one of them. It takes all my might to not scream when I see a huge rat running in front of me, I hate those animals, they are the worst for me, worse than snakes, worse than spiders, worse than anything. I walk away from the hideous animal as fast as I can, the animal just stares at me with its black eyes, it is not even scared of me.

But then, there is something else that makes me jump and gives me goose bumps, but I don't see it, I hear it. A canon is fired, someone else has died. I start to quicken my pace as I walk deeper into this never-ending rainforest, or so it seems, I know it must have an end because it's not real, it's just an arena.

If I haven't lost count, this is the tenth day we have been here and whoever died, it's the eighth fallen tribute. At least this death means the Gamemakers won't send mutts to kill us or bring us closer, at least for now.

All day I hear the thunder and the clouds get darker but it doesn't rain, but when it does it will be a heavy rain for sure. I try to hurry to get to the cave, I don't even stop to eat lunch, but by 5:00 p.m. or so, I have to take a break. My legs have no strength left, my steps are pretty small, I'm thirsty and hungry, I have to rest and regain my strength back to keep going, and it's not like I'm making a huge difference by walking like this, I'm just wasting the little energy I have left.

I eat a loaf of bread and keep going but only to find a shelter for tonight, it's obvious I won't find the cave today. I may be only an hour away but in the dark it's more likely that I don't see it and I keep walking, so it's better to just rest for now.

As last night I climb a tree, it's not really comfortable and there is always the danger of falling if you don't tie a rope around you correctly or tight enough, but at least it's safer than being on the ground, with animals and other tributes that may kill you.

I really regret dumping the other backpack now, I could have used it as a pillow, but I was only thinking about carrying the least amount of things, only the most important ones, as food and weapons.

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