Chapter XXX

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My prep team, Carlyne and I walk out of my room, we meet Ryle, Lasandra and his prep team in the living room. They all stand up when they see us, and the ten of us walk to the lift together. Brutus, Lyme and Enebry will join us soon, but all of us just don't fit inside the lift. Trenk and one of the members of Ryle's prep team have to stay with them.

"Wow." Ryle mumbles when we are inside the lift. "You look... amazing."

"Thanks." I say with a smile on my lips. "You look incredible too."

Ryle is wearing a dark blue suit, a white long-sleeve shirt, a stripped, turquoise and dark blue tie, and shining black shoes. He looks really handsome.

We get to the backstage of where we will be interviewed in about five minutes. The tributes from the Districts 1, 4, 5, 6, 9, and 10 are already there. They all look gorgeous, especially the girl from 6, with her bright red hair.

Polish makes sure my hair is in perfect conditions before he wishes me luck and leaves, Viola and Carlyne walk around me like a pair of vultures, checking if everything is perfect, Trenk comes jogging to us, he applies more lipstick on my lips and more eyeliner. They all wish me luck, Viola and Trenk leave while Carlyne stays only a few seconds longer, he looks at me one more time, nods at me to encourage me and leaves too.

Brutus, Enebry and Lyme never really join us, Carlyne and Lasandra told them they had everything under control so they didn't need them.

"Wow, Ryle you never told us how beautiful your district partner is." A tall, blonde boy says a couple of feet behind me.

"You never asked, Kellen." Ryle exclaims with a smug smile, as he stands closer to me and puts an arm around my waist in a protective kind of way. "Besides, it's not like you have never seen her before."

Kellen takes a few steps towards me, never taking his green eyes off of me. I feel like his stare penetrates me and it makes me feel uncomfortable but I try to act confident.

"Are you sure you don't want to be in our alliances? I'd love to have you." Kellen whispers against my ear, sending chills up and down my spine.

"I already made up my mind." I tell him, looking straight into his eyes. "But thanks for the offer."

"You have until tomorrow morning if you change your mind." Kellen says and leaves. He stands by Tabitha who is talking to the girl from District 4.

Divya is probably the prettiest girl out of the twelve, Rhiane is really close, though. Divya is wearing a turquoise long dress that just make her blue greenish sea eyes stand out. Her long golden hair is in a side fishtail. Her whole outfit makes her look like a mermaid. Her partner, Kade, also looks amazing. They are both beautiful. Kade is wearing dark blue trousers, a half bottomed white shirt that shows his chest. His golden hair reaches just above his shoulders, the tips are naturally curly while the rest of his hair is straight.

"Hello!" Kade greets me.

"H-hi!" I stutter as he takes me by surprise.

"You look beautiful."

"Thanks." I say blushing, looking away from him for a couple of seconds before looking back at him. "You too, you look great."

"Thank you, Danieka." He says smiling at me. "By the way, congratulations on that twelve, it was surprising."

"Yeah, I never expected it." I say trustfully. "And thanks."

"Kade! Kade!" Divya comes rushing to his side, almost tripping on her way. "I was looking for you, Finnick and Den are looking for you." Then the beautiful blonde finally notices me. "Oh, hey!"

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